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Message of Light from the Fey Realms Finding the peace within the Chaos

Finding the peace within the chaos.

Spiritual Guidance from the Fey Realms

March 18, 2013

Take special care in finding the peace. Know that soon the waves will calm, take this time to try and focus on a peaceful place. Know that you will find it within. It could be a tropical shore or a lush forest. Find that special place that you call your own. Your special spot. Try and not let the bumps in the waves Stop you from finding that special place. the Chaos may be going on all around you. Stay still, stay still within your mind and peaceful within your Heart. Don't let others emotions effect you. Remember that you are feeling their emotions as well as your own. This is why it feels so chaotic. you are feeling everything around you. All your senses are amplified. your empathic abilities are beginning to come forth, and even some are experiencing telepathy as well. This is the connection, the oneness, the unity with all, with all of humanity. understand you are stepping through that doorway into the higher densities. you are experiencing the change over. Feeling others emotions at first can seem to cause chaos within your mind. Let it go. know that this chaos is not you. know that it will soon calm. and your mind will soon adjust to the new found unity. This may cause some to feel almost sea sick with nerves. step back, focus on your heart and allow it to do your thinking instead of your mind. Rise above and see things from the higher perspective. Keep calm and try to help others deal with these new powers. Allow yourself to experience this chaos with ease. Being aware of what is happening to you is important to help you keep the peace within. Allow your mind to rest, allow it to be still, and focus your energies on your heart. Feel your love, allow that love to surround you in a shield of pure light. Let it Protect you from the negative emotions. Feel it and know it. Send Love to all those around you. if you feel the emotions escalating, Stop, step back and understand that you have the power to control it. Control the emotions so they don't over come you with stress. know that you are a very powerful being and have the control of your own mind and emotions. Focus only on Love. Love will see you through the doorway. Only Love can help you step into the new. send your love to all around you. Let your heart lead you over the waves of chaos. lend the helping hand to those who are struggling. Realize your unity, your oneness with humanity. all are one. Know this within. Understand that you are now experiencing the higher frequencies at a massive rate. Allow yourself to enter those vibrations. Allow your body to except it. Except the new way of the light, The Higher vibrations. Love yourself and Know that you are very powerful, Love all of humanity as they need your Love to cross over into the Higher densities, Love your dear Gaia and all her glorious Nature as she begins to heal her wounds, Love the Mother Goddess as she brings us into the new dawn. Love the Prime Creator for his Love for us in unconditional. Love all as we all are Loved, Unconditionally. soon dear ones you will join us in our dance. The dance of your freedom, the release from the duality. The moment is now. understand that your connection with your dear mother earth is of importance. send her your Love and honor her with you presence. go within her forests. walk upon her grass. breathe her fresh aromas. experience her and all her glory. Dance with her. Love Her . Love all that is. We are the Angels of Nature and we Love you very much.
Channeled by
Chelle Lea
May you all feel Love, Peace, and Joy.

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