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Magical Spell Incantation - Sacred Song for the Solstice and Eclipse, 20th/21st/22nd June 2020

.Greetings. I AM QSAM. Please join us these three days (June 20, 21 & 22 2020) at 20:20 EST each day for a Global Unity Meditation to help manifest the new Golden Era of Earth with Lord Sananda (Primary World Teacher), Archangel Mikael (Archangel Michael collective), Archangel Micah (Angel of Oneness), Thoth (Master Builder), En-Rita (Arcturian), Taneile Bachana (Universal Crystal Goddess) & myself by focusing your intent on the Universal Cosmic Heart Web thru your own Open Heart or use the 0010110 Telepathic Network connection thru your mind to hear the beautiful music of Shekina Rose as you are surrounded with messages of love, sound and light for this zero-point manifestation. Prime Creator will be over-lighting each session.

Love Light Joy Peace. I AM QSAM.

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