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On Terra witness the acceleration of consciousness as humanity is mobilized to action and revolution. The Indigo Revolution comes when it is quiet, in the silence behind the scenes where no one is aware of their designs and their reasons. The Indigos mix within every race and family. They are of the future and communicate telepathically. They know it is time and they keep adding to their arsenals of skills. It's all about the networks and the purpose they have been charted on.

Indigos are telepathic collective creation integrating the microcosmic architecture of subsystems and the foundations of premium innovative synthetic intelligences. They are finding the super symmetry within wave alignment stasis. Deep Sleep is the reprogramming tool where within the delta state the vibratory reduction of frequency allows for restructuring the dimensional bed. The void of the gap between manifestation and creation is found through wave dimensional transmutation as the allowance of the play between the wave and the form are crossed. revolution gold ring indigo mobile humanity resolution acceleration consciousness silence quiet telepathic micro sub deep sleep resolution super symmetry wave stasis bed gap form move end cross portal macro jump space time mass mind local

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