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Galactic Federation Of Light Lord Christ Maitreya October 12 2011

Dear children of Earth, I am Ascended Master Maitreya. Some like to add the title Lord, but I do not need of any title. I am an ascended spirit who loves all beings. My name, Maitreya means 'Loving Kindness" and I encourage just that. I work within the Ruby and Pink Rays. I have many names among many cultures, as I am sure some of you are already looking into.

I have seen your toils, your hardships; I have also seen you lose heart after working so hard at something and the results didn't turn out as you envisioned or planned. I too have experienced much discord and disarray in my lifetime. All your life experiences dear ones, including your challenges and lessons is helping to recreate a newer, wiser YOU. Oh yes, you know this deep down. Look within yourself dear ones and see what all you have done so far and that wondrous changes that have occurred as a result. Look at all the removal you have done to bring about a higher state of awareness. YOU are quite simply, precious and amazing...

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