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Galactic Federation Of Light Hilarion November 27 2011

Beloved Ones,

Each of you is feeling the pressure of opposing forces within yourselves. These energies are being brought into alignment within your Being and these energies manifest as a great feeling of tension, especially in your solar plexus area. Much strength of will is needed at this time in order to stay firmly on your Path. Daily align with your Divinity and see the Divinity in others and all will be well. The opposing forces within you are the last remnants of third dimensional thought patterns, habits and traits and though it is difficult, the only way through them is to experience and accept them by finding the point of balance within.

The calibration of your energy fields continues and sacred geometric codes are being sent to all of Humanity and constantly bombard the Earth. Each of you receives these codes by your intent to absorb all that you are able to assimilate and integrate each day. There are cycles of receptivity and there are times of rest and assimilation. You are now in the cycle of rest and assimilation and this will continue for some time. Honor yourselves and listen to your body elemental and follow the inner promptings you are given. Many of you are resting and sleeping a lot and this means that you are processing and assimilating these new energies that are intensifying and creating changes within your bodies as the transmutation continues...

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