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Galactic Federation Of Light Ascended Master El Morya October 18 2011

Let us continue with our discussion from last week dear ones. We discuss much in the way of Divine and Unconditional Love, in the way of God. Each and every one of you is given FREE WILL, this is your freedom of decision making, regardless of who you speak to, or whom you are guided by; it is YOU that does what YOU need to do at that given time. Your Divine Beauty takes my breath away, and I delight in your journey even though I have seen the many turns and paths you have taken that brought you to where you are now. My delight is not the difficulties you have endured, but in the integrity and perseverance of your spirit through all that you walked, stumbled, ran or flew through. The journey that brings you here will be different for each and every individual, but the coming Home to the Oneness and to the Light of God will be very similar.

I ask you now dear ones, to forgive yourself for all the times you doubted yourself, and for all the times you may have been angry with yourself for making mistakes that were unwise at the time. You already know all of this, so does God and the Universe. It is time to let all this go and learn to Love yourself instead. Forgive all the ones that you may have hurt, either by being less than kind in your speech, or not as thoughtful with your actions; make peace with yourself dear ones...

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