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Galactic Federation Of Light Archangel Zadkiel December 27 2011
Greetings My Beloved Ones,

I greet you in Love and Light.

This is Zadkiel bringing you a message from The Divine Light.

It is indeed time for each of you to focus on the Light within, for it is the Light within that will give you your path for progressing into the levels. There are many levels of the Light.

Many of you on the earth plane feel that one level goes just from one level to the next. However, each level is composed of many sublevels and many dimensions. Within each sublevel there are smaller and smaller units. This allows you to progress without having an enormous leap at one time. Each level will be a stepped-up frequency from the previous level, and as such, you will encounter different understandings of the same teachings as well as teachings of an advanced level and nature for that particular dimension and sublevel.

Many of the teachings to which you have been exposed all along have many levels of meaning. They may be very simple at a lower level. However, they are geared to your current level of understanding. As you go up in the levels and the sublevels, the teachings will become more subtle. You may experience the same universal law at that level, but there will be many subtleties that will be added at that particular level. It will not be just a straight forward teaching. There will be subtleties as to the unspoken teaching and the unspoken actions that accompany each law...

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