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Galactic Federation Of Light: Archangel Michael - November 17 2010 -Awareness of Self

There are many reasons why you are in existence as a light
or energy soul within a physical solid and sensitive body. The
physical plane in which you are anchored into allows for such a wealth
of learning and self discovery. It allows for you to be separated from
everything around you viewing everything as a diverse and unique
energy and influence in your reality. You are of course completely at
one with your surroundings and the energies of the Creator but the
conditions of your physical body make separation seem your reality and
unity seem an illusion. Your physical body is a tool to aid your
understanding of energy, thoughts, emotions and the affects of your
actions. It can assist you in understanding your strengths and power
as well as where focus and concentration must be placed. The body
allows for an experience of duality and encourages the individual to
care for their body, therefore teaching the individual to care for
themselves. To care for yourself is in truth to follow your spiritual
path and to achieve self discovery. To discovery your true self is to
understand your needs as a physical and spiritual being, realising
that these are not the same as the needs of your personality or ego.
To care for yourself is to bring yourself into a natural balance, to
exist in perfect health in mind, body and soul. It is important to see
your physical body as a valuable aspect of your spiritual path while
understanding that to increase your spiritual awareness is in fact an
essential aspect of caring for your entire being and manifesting
perfect and complete natural health and wellbeing.

With the realisation of the wonderful lessons that the body offers,
light workers on the Earth are encouraged to be more fully aware of
their energy within their physical body and the energy of the physical
body itself. After all the physical body has a wise energy of guidance
which if discovered and accessed can bring great enlightenment and

I encourage you to touch something and to observe your reaction allows
you to understanding yourself, your conditioning and your truth more
fully. Allow yourself to try this now, sit peacefully and focus on
your breathing gaining a deeper stillness within you. Ask for your
senses and awareness of yourself to be enhanced by your soul or
guides, then allow yourself with focus and observation to reach out
and touch something that is around you. Observe the sensation on the
skin of your finger tips, the effect that the sensations has on your
emotions, mood and mind. Does it trigger memories or does it have an
impact on your being? You may not be aware of anything at first, so
try touching something different being aware of yourself at all times,
even the extension of your arm as your fingers reach to touch an
object. I would like for you to experiment with this, practice it for
a few minutes simply being aware of yourself or alert to your energy
and reactions. This is a wonderful practice that almost allows you to
observe yourself and to act in slow motion.

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