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Comment by Akasha Light on April 3, 2012 at 10:04pm

A Mighty outpouring of Light , Love and Blessings from Jesus the Christ and all the House of David: Mary Magdalene, King David, Saint Germain , Mother Mary , Anna,....will take place this Easter week 2012, a great opportunity to ask for direct Divine Intervention in our lives and quicken our Path of Resurrection into our full Christ Consciousness .
The Full Activation of the Ascension of Jesus Christ Ascension will be take place this Easter 2012 a very powerful time all in preparations from now to May 21, 2012, to August 15 and to December 21, 2012.To discover more details about this watch the full video message from Akasha and Asun from the Tree of life Class March 28, 2012 .
Miracle Fiery Christ Easter Blessings !!! ♥♥♥
May the Fiery Christ Light and Power of Jesus Christ Emanuel awaken within you the Fiery Christ truth , the way and the Life of the Mighty I AM Presence that lives within you and above you !!! Almighty I AM (3)
Be the Miracle I AM !


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