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Druanna's Back!!! Talkshoe March 27, 2010 8pm pdt

Hello everyone, Im finally back from our Colorado and Four Corners trip. We learned so much more about eachother and enjoyed spending time with our kiddies rather then kicking back watching TV and working on the computer. lol We so needed a break and needed to go out into nature.

Will be doing a talkshow on Talkshoe tomorrow night March 27 2010 8pm pdt to talk about topics on commercial remedies, sovereignty, Chemtrails, UFOs, StarGates, Psychic stuff, do psychic readings at the end of the show, have fun and enjoying eachothers company and sharing information

Debts to be ELIMINATED, Income Tax Abolished with RESTORE AMERICA possibly within afew weeks Tim Turner TALKSHOE today said

Druanna's Sovereign Warriors Talk Show

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