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Diamond Light Meditation Music for Women - Lia Scallon

Celestial meditation by Lia Scallon artworks by Leanne M Williams

The 'Diamond Light Meditation' takes you on a relaxing guided journey, into the heart of the Diamond, and whilst you rest there, the beautiful, channelled, healing 'Sounds of Sirius' wash over and through your being.

This meditation has been gifted to help balance the male/female polarities which exist within each one of us. Masculine energy has been dominant in our world for many generations and this has led to great imbalance.

The Divine Feminine energy carried within 'The Sounds of Sirius', seeks to redress this imbalance, separately for men and women. With the Divine Mother's assistance, our male and female aspects can become fully aligned, giving us the potential to ground within us, Divine power and spirituality of the highest order.

This meditation is also activates the new Diamond Light energy within us, connecting us to our Essence and flooding us with Light from the Source. The crystal energy of the diamond acts as a 'transmitter' of Divine Light, amplifying the healing power of 'The Sounds of Sirius'.

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