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December 21 2012 Is The Code - It Was Placed In A Black H***.

The Mayan Sun Stone Is A Part Of My Soul.
This Pyramid Was Buried In A Mass Grave, Covered In Bones...
Rip The Jacker, Placed On Their Tombstones.
I Just Have A Few Words For Everyone...
Canibus Is My Slave & It Will Behave As I Want.
Let It Be Said, Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done!
Canibus Is My Slave & It Will Behave As I Want...
It Will Behave As I Want!

Cthulhu Falls From The Sky,
The President Looks In My Eyes...
Controlling My Thoughts, Controlling My Mind.
A Word To The Wise...
Space Serpents Flying Around In The Skies!
They Are Signal Intelligence Emanating From Your Mind.
As We Walk Through The Archived Files Of All Styles,
The Sublime Chakra Goes On For 5 Miles.
The Matrix, It's Difficult To Describe...
Agent Smith Altered The Sequence Of Nucleotides.
The Illest Emcee Equals PI.

(Chorus 1)
December 21, 2012 Is The Code, It Was Placed On The Mayan Sun Stone To Puzzle Them
Yeah, I Bust The Rhymes But I Customize The Lines,
And by the looks of things I did it just in time,
Im Am Energy, I am he spiritually and mentally, the fools who trew away my jewels offended me.
close your eyes, ritualise, spit your rhymes, without trying you can shift your mind,
always remember the reptilian agenda

Several Million Years Into The Future...
Cocooning A World Without Your Computer.
You Get The Point I'm Assuming...
In A World Without The Primitive Future,
In A World Without Winning Or Loosing,
In A World Without Exclusive New S***!
Can-I-Bus Is My Slave & He Will Behave As I Want,
Let It Be Said, Let It Be Written, Let It Be Done!
The Snake Will Grow The Wings Of A Dragon, Even I'm Stunned!
Bow Ya Heads, Can-I-Bus The Squid Faced God.
Observe The Man,
The Cosmonauts Have Enlighten Me Thru Songs To Understand,
The Unseen Hand, My Body Is The Galactic Plan,
I Rose, I Fell...
This Story Is A Part Of Loki & Pan (Loki & Pan)
Can-I-Bus AKA Rip The Jacker,
They Have Enlighten Me Thru Songs To Understand...
I Wanna Thank You For Your Unseen Hand,
I Wanna Thank You For Your Poetry Across The Land,
Thank You For Your Answers About The Galactic Plan!

(Chorus 2)
I thank Mother Gaia for bearing us green grass,
But it won't last we're killing her with greenhouse gas.
I cannot loose or win, i would only like to be remembered as the dark skinned lizard king
A blast so cataclysmic, it warps the time and space within it,
The hours become minutes, the minutes become infinite lyrics, Poet Laureate spit from the spirit,
From the Sirius Star system, my thoughts graduated to the stars to infinite!

4 And A Half Foot Beings
Added A 3rd Strand In The DNA Helix
So Your Not Created By King Osiris.
The Rhyme Is Larger Than China's
The VanDenBergh Welcome Center
Is Where I House This Mix Sounds Like Chinese Fireworks°
I Look At Her Face...
I Was Transformed Into A Spirit With No Spiritual Shape.
The Greatest Rhyme Of All Time We Have In Our Data-Base!
A Giant Capsule In Space...
Me & My Girlfriend Figured Out Where The Signal Originate.
Inside The Devils Chamber To The Bottom Of The Volcano Crater,
Any And All Entry Points Have Information, Electro Cranial Stimulation.
The Period of Purification, This Is Just One Explanation...
Hip-Hop Is Another Explanation!


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Comment by Sekhmet-Agnus on August 20, 2010 at 4:06pm
Impressive amount of occult codes and information. Blessings To You......


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