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David Icke -- From Prison To Paradise Part 3/38

"World famous Conspiracy researcher, lecturer and author David Icke is at the top of his form in this live multimedia presentation. You will laugh, you may even cry, and you will be on the edge of your seat as David Icke presents and incredible new story of the human history and who really controls the world today. Includes shocking details about Illuminati Bloodlines, Conspiracy Theories, the Extraterrestrial Reptilian Agenda, and the New World Order. David Icke also shares empowering new information that had been hidden for thousands of years, which can help us restore freedom to our daily lives. This is the presentation the Illuminati, the forces of global control, tried so hard to stop. Just prior to the taping of this program, previously scheduled press interviews were canceled and government officials questioned Icke's right to free speech."

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