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More relevant than ever now - uploaded here for our new channel. # main points: 1) There is a Revolution happening 2)You (Humans)are to be left alone as you ...

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Comment by amparo alvarez on June 13, 2020 at 9:17pm

Yes indeed...I resonate with this message...It is pertaining to all that is happening here on Earth and beyond...Thank you Heather Reiss-James and blessings to you and yours...

Comment by Heather Reiss-James on June 11, 2020 at 9:45am

More relevant than ever now - uploaded from our Youtube channel It is cosmic # main points:
1) There is a Revolution happening 2)You (Humans)are to be left alone as you go through this great change. (apologies for visual quality of video due to filming on a platform that was not our own) *The Revolution has started at the Cosmic Being level. *The Negotiations that are being made. *Human space travel and search for cosmic community. *Description of a true Cosmic being *The Opening of all portals simultaneously *Humans are far more advanced than what we have been fed. *We are actually 23-24 dimensional *Time to use your true sight -3rd eye *The Anunnaki lobotomised our forefathers. *The tradition of bowing of the head came from false worship of the Annunaki. *We are in a Golden Mean and changing socially and at DNA at every level. *Unawakened and Awakened will all be moving into the new vibrations of evolution *The Zetas are like monks and they work with crystal and Pleiadian energy. (yes some are renegade but most not) *We need to decide what is the next step forward for humanity and our planet- (astral project to the council tables and take your seats). *The formless ones of the Reptilian are feeding off humans and the sentient energy of Gaia, because we let them.


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