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Please see this for yourself. The different between the 2 videos. Cheers!

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Comment by LAF on July 16, 2010 at 2:09pm
Thanks for this, Wei-lien. Imho, those objects over London weren't lanterns or weather balloons or swamp gas. And while only an expert could tell if the video was 100% real, considering the scope and range of the objects and the actual length of the video, faking a video like that is way too far-fetched an explanation. I watched a Syfy show last night and they tried to reproduce some ufo footage using both laser lights through a glass window and also lanterns with electric lights in them. In the end, the experimenters agreed that there was no way it looked like the original footage of the ufo's. After many years of looking at ufo footage and pics, even non-experts get pretty good at spotting the real from the fake.


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