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Channeling Negative Entities & False Predictions

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Comment by Ajanura on December 10, 2014 at 11:29am

You just named a few aspects on channeling negativity. But I made the experience that there are really evil and dark astral beings, who disguise as wise and lightful guides. The only thing to really know, who you are talking to is this: Ask the being or the voice you here three times if it is really and truly the being you wanted to talk to. If it is a dark being in disguise it will disappear. They are not allowed to ly to you more than two times. That seems to be a cosmic law. And if you want to know if the being you normally talk to really is a being of the pure light and the spirit of the true creator (again three times), you may experience the next surprise, because not everything with the label love and light really contains love an light. Sometimes it just contains just a lot of L+L wrapped garbage and false information.

Comment by Marique on December 4, 2014 at 2:27pm

Awesome video.  Thanks for sharing this.  Makes sense to me.

Comment by benjamin776 on December 3, 2014 at 8:59pm

More than just clearing what you put in your body and have as beliefs, I think channelers need to do a lot in the realms of criticizing who they are talking to. Not only thinking critically about what they are being told to see if it makes sense, maybe thinking about a channeling for a while before posting it, but also intending that you not get false information or information from false beings. Knowing that that alone won't stop but only help the problem, further intending that the positive realms hold accountable any who try to send negative information. It's like not calling the cops if you don't, then you get raped and murdered a lot more if no one calls for help. Call on the positive beings to enact the laws of justice against any and all negative beings trying to lie to you or influence you, for the harm they do you and what it would do to any who would listen, and that it's against your will and they be so much as severely punished for any infraction like that, since they seek to murder us, we have to be stern with them. Knowing that that too will not stop all problems, intend to know if what your getting is the truth. The fact that you do that will further scare off negative entities who will realize that not only are you more likely to 'sense' if your being lied to, but that you are calling on those in the spiritual hierarchy to punish any negative beings trying to lie to you. Also intend to look down into the various levels and layers of what your being told, till you get to the bottom of it to determine if it's harmful information or not, for the dark can use truth to harm people too, or wrap lies in positive energy, and you have to be willing to look into the layers under the surface and under those intended to know the exact bottom of what is being said whether it's true or false, positive or negative, harmful or not. Realizing that negative beings may try to 'positive bomb' you with love energy, yo uahve to be persistant and RUDE to them to see if they are full of it or not. True positive beings will most likely understand where your coming from. Of course, I doubt anyone really does all that, thus the chanelling environment we find ourselves in, where wolves show up as love beings, and ruin the whole thing for everyone.

Comment by Malcolm on November 30, 2014 at 3:34am

OUTSTANDING VIDEO.  Ashtar channelers who post definitely need to watch this video.  There is a good probability of error anytime one tries to interpret meanings other realities (without being aware of their own reality).  You get a thumbs up from me. 

Comment by Zachary Paul Hunter on November 29, 2014 at 11:30pm
I don't know about channeling much but I am clairsentient. I get an overall sense of energy about situations and make decisions accordingly. I agree that purity of body would effect detailed information from a higher source than self. I was in agreement to everything, even though I have some bad habits. Very good video, thank you.


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