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Archangel Michael Earth Changes update October 31, 2012 "You can make a tremendous difference"

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Comment by White dragon on December 2, 2012 at 8:25pm

The delay between the wars was d/t Rockefeller, BUSH, Sullivan, Kissinger and high officials in the CIA, FBI,SS had to manuever funds so not to loose before the recession. If the 2 nd war had accured before they moved their funds they would have lost everything. They sold all their bonds in 1929 and cahed out. Each War has been planned based on the needs of a few high up officials within the government and elite organizations. If you researc the stock market before and after each war you will findthe connection. BUSH, Rockefeller, Kissinger and the Federal Reserve are the keys to how and why past accured the way it has. Since 1777 funds have been moved illegally via the War account's in Delaware and has continue on for over 250 years. Based on my investigation funds, deeds and banking transactions have been influencing how history plays out. Every single important event correlates with the rise and fall of our economy and the personal bank accounts of the extreme wealthy. e.g John Hancock ins. Baine Capital, Bank of America, Kissinger and Rockefellers and of course Bildenberg and Freemasons. The folllowing organizations are lead by corrupt individuals and despite all the whistleblowing you do they continue to manipulate the outcome. God and his people will prevaile. It is our responsibility to to stop the corruption and bring forth a sincere GOD following leadership that believes in helping thy neighbor and not harming thy neighbor. It is not to late to change and come clean and change your ways. GOD as well as the Universe is watching. We as a people must represent and step up and bring forth what we are meant to be, GOD loving and caring humans that can be of pure heart and mind and erase the greed and hate within each of us.

Food for thought. 


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