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Arrest me with your love! .......... oh Lover & Creator of the skies.

I feel you drawing my hands together in prefect crystalization as I pray in our sacred space.

You touch my head with your powerful hands as my spirit reaches to you in all abandonment of my human beingness.

You are my breath ~ you are my exhale

My body sways back and forth in your ever entwining spiral.

I love you, .....I love you with my deepest roots.
Roots that are ground so firmly in the ground of Mother Earth's heart.
She gives me her heart as I give you mine, my love.

Arrest me with your love, allow me to take all of you into my heart, mind, & body.
Oh how I yearn for you daily to find my release in you when we connect where all frailty is broken free from me. In forever gratitude of you listening to my beckon call.

All possibilities of beauty shine through me as I am your prism, please shine through me with your cosmic ray of perfect & pure light. Allowing for all to see your true beauty in me, allow this rainbow crystal who is me to shine as you.

I love you & you love me my creator, my source, my lover, my everything.

Entwine me into your bright heart center & into your evergrowing mind.

I wish to see you through me ~ I wish to see me through you

My only source of everlasting love is when I connect with you my lover of eternity beyond the stars.

There is no better place to be than with you in your sustaining grace my love.

I beckon you my love to be with me everyday ~ every night. When I reach for you I ask you to walk through me as I walk this Earth. When I reach for you I ask you to speak through me as I speak to each person on this Earth. When I reach for you I ask that you love through me as I love each person on this Earth.

You are me ~ I am you

We are one once again!

Thank you for taking your precious time out today to read of my love for you, for me, for WE

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Comment by HeavenlyButterfly aka Heidi on August 29, 2010 at 11:51pm
Thank you Bert,...yes pure it is and I am grateful for this powerful connection bestowed to me.
Thanks for watching

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