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AA,If I post a blog & you re-post it later, you R the one who is copying. The blogs do not belong 2 you but 2 the one who wrote them.Wake Up


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Comment by amparo alvarez on October 13, 2020 at 8:28pm

Yes they do not belong to me, but if you decide to post something that you know I am in already then do not complain...You do not see me trying to post your line of blogs...What you created you should fix,  not me...You have always been very confrontational...I do not forget how you were when I had a St. Germaine video with almost 700 views and you started arguing with me...It seems to me you do not like the fact that I get more viewers which it matters not to me...because on the contrary to what you said I do not care for first place or any other selfish reasons you mentioned...It is all about a labor of love which you do not seem to appreciate and you look confrontations...For your information...There are two people here that one of them always blogs the same things I do, not all of them but many, and the other one is only every now and then AND I DO NOT BOTHER THEM as you keep nagging to me about something that I began doing much before you...Whatever comes your way, you created do not try to point fingers at me for something you caused...Like I said...I will keep bringing the blogs as I always did and if you do not like it please choose something else...if you care...Thank you for understanding...And another thing I do not need to wake up...You seem to be oblivious to what you are doing,..or you expect me to back up from my blogs which I won't do...Are you used to always getting your way? If something bothers you stop doing it...Let it go...That is what it means to be awakened...To not want to control what others do and let go of that which is not of love...


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