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Suiris's Discussions


Started Nov 22, 2015 0 Replies

I want to share an event, involving sinchronicity, that ocurred 22 minitues ago. As I'm starting to write.Time 10:11 - 21/11/2015I was checking out starseed traits, while trying to avoid a giant moth…Continue

The Desert

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ara Nov 20, 2015. 2 Replies

Looking for life inside dreams, ever since life took away all dreams.Fear disguised as perseverance, always leading the way inside the unavoidable loop of self.My hope soon became rain. Blurring the…Continue

Tags: search, inspiration, discovery, self, acceptance

I'm sorry

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sky Oct 12, 2014. 7 Replies

This post is about my last posts. Yes. In the last days I've hit bottom. It was hard, it was painful. I was able to know my multidimensional self nature, many voices, speaking within myself.…Continue

Tags: lot, a, Light!, Light

What is real?

Started Aug 31, 2014 0 Replies

I got tired of seeing most of your kind, being played with like nothing.They make you a product with government, they enslave with money, they defile you with science. It's like taking a piece of…Continue

Tags: Science, Government, Education, Religion, System


Suiris's Page

Latest Activity

Suiris replied to the discussion 'My Final Discussion'
"You can own yourself, or keep playing the victim. It wouldn't be the first existential drama played on earth. If anything, the cabal, or whatever name you wish to call your demon, is trying to show you something about yourself, something you…"
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?'
"Everything is always perfect. But this perfection may be flawed in the eyes of those who can't recognize themselves in the external world. Conflict only lies within oneself and the lack of understanding thereof."
Sep 10
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Bolivia Rejects Fast Food, All McDonald's Restaurants Closed...OTHER COUNTRIES SHOULD FOLLOW...BAN ALL JUNK FOOD JOINTS'
"That's good. Express all that anger. Fight the bad burger people!"
Aug 30
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Hypocrites Of The Century ...Hare Krishna Preaching Simple Living High Thinking ..Their Maharaja's Sitting In Rolls Royce Plus Poisioning Their Master'
"There are masters of either polarity. Light and dark, neither is truer than the other, but rather opposite sides of the same reflection. Containing each other, neither can exist individually. Yin-Yang. Everything is contained within this universe,…"
Aug 27
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Hypocrites Of The Century ...Hare Krishna Preaching Simple Living High Thinking ..Their Maharaja's Sitting In Rolls Royce Plus Poisioning Their Master'
"Why can't we let others enjoy their abundance? Our universe does not discriminate whether this was achieved by positive or negative means, because all ways lead back home. When you look into reality with discrimination, you are ultimately…"
Aug 27
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Blue Avians Fake Or Demonic? (David Wilcock Corey Goode) Occult Unmasked'
"The problem with avians, is that they play like any other species. It doesn't matter if it is floran, apex or novakid. It's basically the same thing with a different skin."
Aug 20
Suiris replied to the discussion 'AWARENESS...15 Horrifying Facts About Processed Meat...YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT ...MEAT EATERS CANNOT BE CLASSED AS HUMANS'
"With all the additives in industrialized meat nowadays. I wouldn't consider the average meat eater any less than a synthetic demon, or a spawn of M'tu, the Mintoka god of painful spanking."
Aug 17
Suiris commented on the blog post 'THE ORION STAR SYSTEM ∞ THE 9D ARCTURIAN COUNCIL'
"It is said the arcturians stole dna from draco to create hybrids. Some say the cause of this trauma lies with all the forces involved in the human experiment, whether they present themselves as positve or negative. The karma was transferred…"
Aug 13
Suiris commented on the blog post 'THE CABAL AND THE GALACTICS, ACCORDING TO ADAMU'
"One is divided by polarity. This division sets apart the cabal from the galactic federation. This division is the ignorance of one not allowing each part to see what is mutually shared. Yin-yang both contain each other, and together they make…"
Aug 11
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Warning About The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Nibiru'
"This is work of Devin, look at you all fighting instead of hugging and touching each other. This person spams messages without coherence, yes, but many aspect of the universe may seem incoherent to the human mind. To break the boundaries of what is…"
Aug 6
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Warning About The Galactic Federation of Light, Ashtar Command, and Nibiru'
"You get to possess others, and then get possessed in return. I mean, it sounds fair. The karmic cycle must be completed. Or else we won't be able to make the cake. All ingredients must blend perfectly. Any material that is not well integrated…"
Aug 5
Suiris commented on the blog post 'MAJENTA PIXIE SUPPORTS TRUMP AND JOHNSON'
"I think the current president is a perfect representation of US and the issues in the country regarding discrimination, egoism, misogyny, materialism, etc. Beyond the perception of polarity, this is a reflection of the condition of many of the…"
Aug 4
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Alien Feline Lyran Nazi Hidden Past'
"It all makes sense now."
Jul 31
Suiris replied to the discussion 'We Had Recently The First Alcohol Free Pub And Now We Have The First Meat Free Butchers...THE SHIFT..THE CHANGE IS HAPPENING Although Slowly'
"Change happens naturally over time. A response that is not a behaviour imposed by an organization or government It is the people themselves who must choose, instead of removing the choice. Otherwise, there would be no real change, no matter how…"
Jun 25
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Roseanne Barrs' Opinion On Humans And Non Humans'
"Yes, like reptilians, archons, the anunnaki or the grays. Or ashtar, saint germain, archangel michael or jesus. Any construct of the mind that sets a difference, a parameter, a polarity. Humans constantly fight among themselves because of the ideas…"
Jun 2
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Roseanne Barrs' Opinion On Humans And Non Humans'
"Another example of a projection derived from ignorance of oneself. It doesn't matter if this is prejudice, racism, political/religious bias or any other kind of issue. It's always easier to see the enemy outside of us. Peace and…"
Jun 1

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I'm the first and the fourth.
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My life, my entire live was my teacher. I love her to hate.
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I don't like to read that much. I just channel information from my higher being.
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Not really, anything is about light, o dark alone. When in fact, both are necessary.
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Find my brother before it's too late.

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At 1:06pm on May 12, 2016, In Betwena said…


At 5:24pm on April 22, 2016, Roaring Lovely said…
Never assume that when pple take such and such path, they are trying to go to where you went to through this and that path, no no no no!! Our motives are often hidden in us and we often find no good way of expressing it to other pple. If you find someone along the road riding a bicycle, don't assume that he is trying to get to where you are going to by going with a motorbike no no no no!!

It would be very foolish to go about advicing everybody on the road to ride on a motorbike. This is essentially what your doing on ACC, wasting your time with too much peaces of advice to pple who donnot give a s***.

Mind your own business.:)
At 4:42pm on April 21, 2016, Feather Winger said…

Suiris...hey,,,have you done soul retrieval, it will bring all those trauma fragments back into sync. Here is a simple way to do can do this for yourself.  Also read in the comments for there is more info there...

At 3:56pm on September 8, 2015, Kelly Lightchalice said…

Thank you for your friendship :-)  Have a wonderful day :-) 

At 4:47pm on January 8, 2015, Crystal Heart said…

Thanks for your friendship Suiris

At 5:01am on December 12, 2014, evonne. said…

dear Suiris,many years ago a male soma reader drew this to give to me,he said i had a very important mission on Earth,and the written message on the bottom of the drawing was to be given to me,and in the future i would know what my mission was,do you yourself know what is written in this drawing(yes i believe it is light language,your insight of translation would be,light,blessings evonne.

At 4:44am on November 30, 2014, Tally said…
Are you serious, Suiris? : ) Thanks for the friendship, and everything else you share here, and everywhere.
Hearty Blessings...
At 11:05am on October 28, 2014, Caitlyn Claire said…

Just recognized that your picture was of the Wadjet Eye. I like it. ;)

At 10:22pm on October 6, 2014, In Betwena said…

You are a writer....

At 6:15am on August 9, 2014, evonne. said…



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I Am A Gift !I AM a gift, a channel, and the flow of the Creator for myself & the world.As…See More
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"Krishna you're here since 2012 posting the same thing always lol"
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"It does appear that the Globalist-Communist "Labour Party" in the UK, is on track for…"
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"Drekx, I appreciate you sharing, thanks so much. Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, &…"
18 hours ago
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18 hours ago

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