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At 9:10am on March 4, 2012, evonne. said…

dear rev,check the urantia group you are a member of,as i added the image there for you,blessings eve.

At 9:04am on March 4, 2012, evonne. said…

dear reav,where do you want the image put,blessings eve.

At 8:04am on March 3, 2012, evonne. said…


At 10:33am on March 2, 2012, evonne. said…

dear rev,your heart and soul is telling you to post it,god works in mysterious ways indeed,and by the looks of it,you were a soul incarnate who has recently experienced this,the astral world you now,can easily communicate with many around the world,and this is becoming more,and more prominent now,also,i still have nt been to your site today,and will look for the photo,but the last time i went there was unable to find it,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings eve.

At 8:02am on February 29, 2012, evonne. said…

dear rev,could you provide me with a direct link to your site of 2012,could you please send it to my email,love,light,blessings eve.

At 7:36am on February 3, 2012, Starseed said…

did you see the article about all the white owls flying way off course in droves has wildlife experts baffled Poleshift ????????????????????

At 7:35am on February 3, 2012, Starseed said…

hey rev hope all is well blessings


At 3:45pm on February 1, 2012, Sirian Starseed said…

In response to your comment regarding 'Ashtar Sheran': As I posted, there has been much conjecture circulated about the being "Ashtar Sheran". As to exactly WHO "Ashtar Sheran" is, is complicated. I don't pretend to know and will not make any conjectures, as to who the being is.  All I know is that Archangel Michael has so graciously taken the time to clarify a confusion/misperception that came about from a lack of understanding. Now as I also stated, IF Archangel Michael feels it is important to clarify who "Ashtar Sheran" is he will do so.  If you really wish to know; why not ask him yourself ?  NAMASTE.

At 3:53pm on January 26, 2012, In Betwena said…

They play on my computer..the video's. 

they are posted also tru Ben and somebody else here on the site

All will be ok

At 10:21pm on December 20, 2011, In Betwena said…

Thank you Dear Brother

Much Love


this is Janosh code: Acceptance, hope you like it!


At 2:32pm on December 20, 2011, Marique said…

Thank you for your friendship. I look forward to sharing here. Times are so intense, but yet exciting these days. Guess we just have to keep our light and bright as we can and buckle our seatbelts and try to avoid the speedbumps. Love to you Rev. Joshua. Have an awesome week.

Fantasy Image
Fantasy Image

At 11:38am on November 14, 2011, J Ash said…

Dear Brother, sorry for late reply! was caugh up in lots of energies, sincronicities and the like:=)

answering your questions: my profile picture is 4 years old but i havent changed much in the last 13 years..yes, people think i am on my late 30s but in truth i am 39:-) i have been holding alright they said ha ha. I am a brazilian born, but now live in OZ. My great grandmother was a Native Brazilian Indian, and its my stronger(spiritual ) side., thought when i am not doing spiritual work, or anyother kind of work, i live a normal life, going out partying, drinking, flirting with beautifull girls, playing football(soccer) djying,..if i am in a human body, i want to live the best experiences i can have before i go, wich i dont know and lost interest of, everything is changing but not in a way that many channelers who do Salusa, The Andromedans and DR stankov says...thought i enjoyed reading then, i have always  know that on the end, the decision is ours and any date and anytime anything can happen..we must forget about the dates and prophecies now for a while to enjoy coming back to ourselves and enjoy our ascension from the inside out, not the other way around..:-) 

So, something is definately friend saw this big blue flashes of light in the sky last saturday it was not lighting as it wasnt raining..and on friday me and 5 others saw a craft flying past us very low and slow..we could only see the lights flashing..awesome sight! and over the years i have met a few "Aliens" around this planet...all kinds and diferent porposes...some are refugees, others are here for the shift, and others dont know who they are/or prefered not to rememeber in this life time..i ahve been seen the guides and ships on another frequency now..i can feel and see then very close now.. but not with the 3D eye(yet) :-)

I felt bothe shifts, 28th and 11/11 ..they felt like  NYE or Xmass Eve...believe or not i didnt do anything "spiritual" on the 11/11 thought i saw the UFO, i went to a dance party, and then to a bar and ended up back at my house about 3 in the morning..:-) i felt like going out and celebrating ..but the days just after i felt all the energies shifting in my body again,,its just upgrading and some(many)times its painfull! on the week leading to 28th of october, my back was stiff for a few weeks and i had the flu the all week..body suffered but the energies feel awesome :-)

if u are in pain, and all those energies are affecting you, do a lot of grounding exercises, an send it to could be that the energies are stuck on the upper part of your body thought causing very important now as we need to help Mother  Earth ascend by chaneling the new frequencies down to her Core.and also expand our energies all the way to the source :-)

talk soon brother :-)





At 10:05am on November 13, 2011, Louise said…

Hey you need a break Rev it's no place to be on your own when you are feeling a bit low. Come to the UK for a holiday I would show you the sites me and my family you would never be bored and longing for a bit of peace after spending time with my lot lol... I am serious though Rev a holiday would do you good. Do not think 11:11 has let you down or forgotten you it's not like that. What you were receiving it sounds like mass downloads of energy I felt it too really potent. You are a huge part in this and are welcome anytime to visit, it would be good. Will take you here one of my favourite places ever...:)

These are what the shops are like...

You would have an amazing time love Lou X

At 7:01pm on November 12, 2011, Louise said…

Hey Rev, sorry you had a sad day on your birthday :( I had no idea it was your big day. As for the aches and pains the solar flare activity is creating arthritis like pain even in myself and my daughter. So keep the faith as many of us are having aches and pains from the waist down a lot.

For you better late than never :) X

At 5:52am on November 11, 2011, J Ash said…
Hey, brother, sorry for late reply:-) yes, things are not good or bad, they just are ..and we are the ones that some times label then that way..if I am feeling anything? For years, and lately energies all over made my all body vibrates..I channel the Pleiadians( my strong star roots) and also channel Ashtar:-) last week I felt so much energy while in a friends house that I thought I was going to teleport..they are right here, but in another dimension..I talk to then, see and feel it everyday..:-) its all good, I have been being for about 9 years, but much more now..happy 11/11/11 bro!!

At 9:22am on November 9, 2011, J Ash said…

Hey brother, yes lets get in touch :-) the more the people that resonate with eachother get together, the better it gets..will definately look into the feels now that all is serene and trusting, and we just have to ground the energies coming down at this time.easier said than done! but on the final stages now..uprisings, europe is going bancrupt, Greek Pm resigned last week  and Italian PM Berlusconi resigned yesterday, Obama Chief of Stuff all the energy in the air..if you are sensitive, you must be seeing and feeling that as well? its so obvious to me now that i couldnt deny even if i tried to..its all good :-) see you soon .





At 9:30am on October 28, 2011, evonne. said…
dear rev,thankyou for your comment,and visiting my page today,i had an image of myself holding my only great grandchild(a boy) on another site for awhile in my photos display on my profile page,but then removed it,while there are still some dark factions trying to disable the light bearers,it is best i just display my mayan astrology glyph,which is the blue self-existing eagle as my avatar photo.yes the draconian queen has been in oz for nearly 10 days,and flys back to england in 2 days,i wonder what back scratching was done with the oz prime-minister(julia gilliard who is also a reptillian) behind closed doors,devising more evil agendas i suppose.i wonder what there next plan of attack is,but those types will not have room for them in 5D.and i will certaintly be going back home after this incarnation for some recreation first on the list.sending you many rays of light for today,and many more for a very blessed weekend,love,light,blessings Saul.
At 7:51am on October 20, 2011, evonne. said…
dear rev,you are welcome,over the years,and recent months of this year,i have had physic attacks from the dark forces(dark hats)even coming into my bedroom during the night,to attempt to hinder my light,and mission,but i now have protection from a very dedicated circle of friends,as that is there purpose and mission to help protect the Ancient Souls Incarnate,the weather here this week is warming up,with high humidity this week,we are in for a very,very,hot summer,but i feel it will be very eradict also,as the frequecies,and vibrations rise,we will keep striving on,not much longer now,have a very blessed day,love,light,blessings Saul-an-ah.
At 8:02am on October 14, 2011, evonne. said…
for you dear brother,blessings eve(solaena)  CIRCLES OF LIGHT FOR PROTECTION.
At 5:52pm on October 7, 2011, Hindya said…

Thank you :) with love and blessings

PEACE ..........LIGHT ..........<3


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