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At 11:12pm on November 11, 2015, Luke said…

Well, I tried to help you with one of your posts but I cant find that blog at all now, just wondering did you delete it? .. the blog about the Detroit sighting .. I managed to find that article for you and added it to your blog yesterday, as you were unable to do so ...

At 9:54am on August 11, 2015, Drekx Omega said…

Yes indeed rev, let us try to get on much better than before....I know we can...We can put the past behind us and focus on the now moment...The harmony achieved, via the conflicts....Bless you friend...and a very kind regard to you, Drekx Omega

At 4:03pm on July 31, 2015, Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser said…

Rev.  In a church I attended years ago I used to do dance interpretation and this song is called my adonai by Avalon and a friend sent me a picture of the day I did the dance well the song kept playing in my head till I said Rev would love it so I hope it helps and cheers you up....

At 2:45am on February 19, 2015, YvonneAvalon said…

Greetings! Rev.Joshua!  I have just logged on here after many months.  Just now read your comment to me and please accept apologies for having taken so very long to respond.  Hoping for a long and sharing friendship! Light, Love, Peace, and Joy! Yvonne

At 7:59pm on June 5, 2014, anka drabbe said…

You are in my heart, I love you brother and ask great spirit send blessings to you <3

At 9:13am on April 13, 2014, Avatar said…

Hello Rev. Joshua, I read your message to Feather on her profile page about your dog with cancer. Something else that works amazingly well is graviola tincture...according to her weight you would put drops on her food. You can order it online from Amazon. If you try it start her out with about 10 drops morning and evening and gradually work up from there till she's at 20 drops twice a day on her food. Hope she gets better...she will be in my prayers.



At 10:05pm on July 6, 2013, anka drabbe said…

A new rose in my garden sendig you good vibes

At 7:24pm on June 15, 2013, anka drabbe said…

At 7:21pm on June 15, 2013, anka drabbe said…

What a beautiful poem, Song of Hope,Joshua, thank you very much for sharing my friend!

At 8:25pm on June 6, 2013, Virginia Stephenson said…

Hello there REv. How are you? Any words of wisdom for today? Nice to meet you! NAMASTE

At 4:44pm on May 17, 2013, Chelle Lea said…

Thank you so much for the friend request my brother, may you always feel Love, Peace, and Joy.

At 5:43pm on May 1, 2013, Adonai El Ra said…

also regarding the term Kaballah, or Kaballah as it is also spelt today, i sense a subtle difference in meaning of it and the term Kaballi.  On being related to the study of and the other being the various perspectives of the Study being as many as the people who study.

It is highly personal in regard to the personal experience and highly impersonal as an objective definition of the comprehensive work which is the system itself from a non individual perspective.  One reviewing from pure concept and one reviewing from personal relation and interpretation of concept.

At 5:36pm on May 1, 2013, Adonai El Ra said…

Yes it is from the Theological Construct called the Kaballah.  It is philosophical study from a perspective of Logic regarding the old Hebrew system of Faith.  It is a study/development in practice that attempts to filter out dogma.  A science of their faith if you will.  Much of the Christed Principles revealed by Jesus are based in it or are the very fundamental values of it.  He knew it better than record and study upto that point had brought to Light.

At 10:08pm on April 26, 2013, Adonai El Ra said…

here is the post again if you could get it to Hardin, it has to do with the scalar DNA article and something i have been pondering/studying for some time now.

"And to he who thirsts, I shall give to drink of the water of Life without cost"


At 1:15am on February 22, 2013, alveta of light said…

At 2:36am on February 20, 2013, Eddie Servant of the Servant said…

Hi Rev

I passed the audition--yah

I made my profile private a few months ago cause i was being stalked by someone who was quite aggressive..

But they're gone now-- as least not attacking--- so I dont need to make it private.

Yah so keep in touch-- good wishes


At 9:53am on February 18, 2013, Nath Yogi said…

Thanks for the friendship. I have not read your poems. Thanks for the information. I will definitely enjoy reading them. Thank you once again.

At 10:15pm on December 12, 2012, alveta of light said…

Thank you so much for the friend request, much Love, Peace and Light!

At 6:08pm on December 1, 2012, Dr. SohiniBen Shukla said…

Rev Joshua,

I can appreciate the work what are helping us here and need a friend like you for guidance also...



At 5:55pm on November 6, 2012, Marique said…

I am thinking from your poem that it is your birthday, but if I have guess wrong, have an awesome day....


Happy Birthday !
happy birthday pictures


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