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At 11:31am on November 13, 2012, Spiritdancer said…

(._/♥\_.) ♥ Namaste☼. ♥ ♥ ♥
The Stars are the street lights of eternity
mutch love and powerfull energy of light for youuuuu

At 6:01pm on July 14, 2011, Rev.Bola said…

Hello and thanks for checking out my Vortex Blog. I must say I like your poetic renditions, and would be delighted to dance with you in the waves of both visible and invisible friendships.



At 3:49am on July 12, 2011, Starflower said…

From one station of Lovelight in Gaia's heart to another,

Dear Radio Star Blossom,

We are (one and all) the broadcasting system,

so let love of light be true heartsight,

the breath of time, our inner rhyme

We sing in one voice full of beautiful sounds-

and we send sweet joy the world around.

I love your beautiful word pictures!

Thanks for inspiring and calling joy out of me.



At 2:20am on July 4, 2011, Starflower said…

We are the love we have been waiting for.

Our dreams are but the food of love

and life the imagination made realized

for the delight of God flowing everywhere.


Joy to you, dear goddess sister.

As the stars, we remember to shine from the heart of Love,

and as water, we remember only Love can ever contain us.


At 4:30pm on July 1, 2011, Starflower said…

Dear Star Sister,

Yes! Let's dance to our heartsongs and reverence the sacred play of dear consciousness. I embrace romancing the soul and spinning beautiful threads of living light between us all.

in Joy,

Lyndy Starflower

At 1:46pm on August 4, 2010, ♥susu♥ said…

At 9:54pm on July 31, 2010, ♥susu♥ said… thought you mite like to take a look see many cool backgrounds enjoy hongi sista ;-) x
At 2:18am on July 13, 2010, David said…
I was disabled again for a week. hehe no worries. I still read your poetry and it is truly remarkable how much beauty you have inside you. You are a blessing to me and I want to thank you for sharing yourself with me. I will probably be disabled again soon j/k I hope your week is full of laughter and love dear sister. I go with you in thought and heart

At 1:54pm on July 11, 2010, Hindya said…

At 6:55am on July 9, 2010, Jose Ignacio Contreras said…

At 1:00am on July 9, 2010, Jose Ignacio Contreras said…

At 6:20am on July 7, 2010, David said…
Hey Star! yes Ive been super busy lately and havent been on much, plus im still having problems with the ning network and I just got reactivated again today, we will see how long that lasts hehe. I have enjoyed the new work you put up on my page! Heh I saw the one with my pic, might I say what a good choice of model you chose! j/k Have a great day and I will talk with you soon
At 12:09am on July 5, 2010, evonne. said…
dear star blossom goddess,it was lovely to hear from you today,when i checked my email,and i saw your comment in my email,you have beautiful auric energy,i can understand what you mean,and said about being bombared with channelled writings,and totally agree with what you said,the main focus of the channelled manusript i wrote in 2008,was the guides(i call them my guardians) to instill global unity,and universal family unity,back into society,since then i have also discovered that the way it was dictated to me,was to also be triggers for young incarnated souls,as the guides flow of dictation would have that impact,also i would like to thankyou for the delightful images you have posted on my pagee especially the one of yourself,and the balloon sent my way,thankyou,have a very blessed day dear friend,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

At 4:46am on July 4, 2010, evonne. said…
dear star blossom goddess,thankyou for your friendship,which i accept with gratitude,i see you also are a channelled writer,i can understand fully how this process is,as it has been a part of me for many years now,when it occurs,it is just a constant bombaredment of channel,until you are acknowledgeing it,in 2008,it was a constant over take for nearly the whole year,until a manuscript of 22chapters was completed,it is still unpublished,but the directive channel of its content is to be triggers to awken youn incarnated souls,and to help spread family unity on earth,and to restore it universally as a whole,looking foward to many givings,and shareings with you,have a very blessed day dear friend,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)

At 12:01am on July 1, 2010, David said…
Thank you for brightening my day yet again!

At 1:55am on June 30, 2010, David said…
What a beautiful soul you are!! I so enjoyed your poetry, and I had plenty of time to re-read them. I hope everything is going good with you and I have become a star blossom junkie. I need more poetry!!!! Muhahahaha

At 7:28am on June 17, 2010, David said…
Oh they were all so beautiful! Thank you for sharing them with me. I want you to flood my page with your poetry, go though my comments if you want to see some good pics, or talk to Leila, she always has excellent pics. Oh shasta and jamus have been trading great pics as well!
Oh and as a personal favor to me i would love a poem about our lovely Kahlila

My hands raised in the pose
of truth and honoring to all.
My thoughts drifted,
in the light of a thousand dreams,
that are held in whispers within the clouds.
And my hair became
silken rays of white strands
that carry the true vibrations of what is.
So while they enveloped me,
I hummed, Eeeeeeeyaaaaaa
connecting to the whole with all
in the cool circular motion of love.
At 10:31pm on June 14, 2010, Hindya said…

aha ! Thank you ! Your poem is wonderful ! I love it ! Much love beautiful sister !
At 10:30pm on June 11, 2010, patriciabird said…

Thank you ;-) May th Butterflys bring you into an Light blue mystical Weekend
At 3:31am on June 11, 2010, David said…
What a beautiful poem! thank you so much for taking a second to stop by my page and brighten my day. I am so pleased to meet you again. I look forward to laughing and learning with you friend! I visualize your week as full of laughter and love!


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