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At 2:11am on January 22, 2013, malic said…

i am making music and art i wonder, . I made this do you like it?

At 2:02am on January 22, 2013, malic said…

At 6:29am on January 3, 2013, malic said…
I have an Alaskan kle ki, she 1 years old and doesn't leave my side ( my little doggie bells ) . Mediation has not been a strong point in my profile, praying I just realized yesterday , isn't ether. When is strange being that I am aware of being heard in higher places . That scares me a little bit, as I have talked to God ( a lot of "well what do you think" ) so I guess everyone can call me crazy. He he he
Anyway what's the first thing you did when you
Started to less sadness?
At 4:39pm on January 2, 2013, malic said…
)rigel I am glad to ask you. Then it is a matter of where effort is placed?
At 12:53pm on January 1, 2013, malic said…
Oh ya , the first thing big thing I was happy to get was that to be called crazy in this time may be a complement.

At 12:50pm on January 1, 2013, malic said…
I didn't see myself being side lined during this shift. I may be thought of myself a little to high.wasn't adding to the frequently of love this holiday season. I spend it alone , any attempt to reach me was met the same way . You could say I'm a little confused. I this little dog sitting on my lap is a light worker , she makes sure I'm never alone and follows me where ever I go . :)
At 1:32pm on December 31, 2012, malic said…
Happy New Years

It's been awhile ( over a month ) how have you been?
At 2:11am on November 30, 2012, malic said…

hi there , I was checking so more of your blogs and they are way cool. I am alittle sad , i think im getting alittle less nice or something  ill be fine what have you been up to

At 8:36pm on November 14, 2012, malic said…

oh my , i see the critic's on you page. Look your blog is one of a kind here, i have yet to find anyone in your very cool way of sending a mesage. So you make the ashtar world bigger and not all the bloggers can be that relavent, yes some people will always complane

if they could see how its importants to you and to the web factors in there would always be complments, Origel we must be ready for others to no like our work, but our blogs and writeings Hold together the very consept of this place we are in now ashtar command , the freedom to post owr work and the freedom of not worrying what others say for all intents and purpuses, there is only one Origel and i like he's work, hope i can stay.


At 8:14pm on November 14, 2012, malic said…

origel , H, hello its good to see ya , i don't know how long i'll be here on ashtar, i seem to only be able to write in rare moments, but u don't see me I failed, to get back on line and have choosen  to stop trying for a year or two, i wanted to write to you and tell you i am not mad at anyone amd when i tyred to get back on line i freaked out and couldn't write you back, this hurt more when you and others wrote me and i freeze up, out of mishandled grief

im still sorry , i didn't know how to take the death better and got mentaly ill about people or firends or anyone , im in the middle of training my mind to stay here,  why does it have to be so that i go? it is not so.  i hope i run into you a little bit later :)

At 3:22am on October 22, 2012, malic said…
hi, Origel sorry i've been away, I just got to sad to talk to anyone,
I don't want to bring anyone down, talking about tony's death just upset me
more, so i just locked up. how have you been?
At 1:51am on October 7, 2012, malic said…
Origel I heard you had another blog up but I can't find it could you let me know,
I was in so pain yesterday so I thought I'd get back to you today how r u,
At 3:13am on October 4, 2012, malic said…

hi origel im feeling down, there's a blog about it on the bottem of my page. how r u?

At 6:59am on October 2, 2012, malic said…

i deleted the blog, i didn't really understand it ether.

I found an older blog I really like, i left a comment. :)

At 5:36am on September 23, 2012, malic said…

I placed the video for you under your blog if you don't like the place ment just delete with the cute little x in the corner.

At 5:30am on September 23, 2012, malic said…

I got the video you sent , I'm watching it now thanks, hay Origel I can teach you how to Make the video play on ashtar in a box. It's good to see you my friend.

At 4:47am on September 21, 2012, malic said…

I like hearing about JC. It's not just me that messages got some "like"s when I was reading it. I can't wait for the next one. :) Thanks agains

At 9:37pm on September 20, 2012, malic said…

I just found it , thanks man.

At 9:35pm on September 20, 2012, malic said…

I am looking for the messages your sending. So Origel let me know when you post them. I checked your wall and blog's. But I'm getting older and my eye's weaker, So let me know if i missed it. hope your like the light house. Malic

At 9:32pm on September 20, 2012, malic said…


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