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At 4:03pm on May 25, 2018, Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser said…

At 4:15am on December 18, 2017, Valana (Patti) said…

Good, you're with him now then....that's what is important.  Is he retired or working somewhere? 

At 11:17pm on December 17, 2017, Valana (Patti) said…

I know I would and I ' m so very happy for you...where will you live? Is he there where you are? You deserve to be happy with someone...long as he loves you, too, that's all that's important , is to be loved.  

At 6:50pm on December 17, 2017, Valana (Patti) said…

Congratulations on the coming marriage....I'm so happy for you that you've found Mr. Right.  Tell him he has  to be good to you or we'll all come whup him up good! :-)

At 12:55am on July 15, 2017, Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser said…

At 6:28pm on February 10, 2017, Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser said…

me and my silly guy kyle i love that man

At 9:18am on November 30, 2016, Drekx Omega said…

affirmative.........very well and busy offline,so not here as much.......drekx x

At 3:40am on October 3, 2016, UniverseMother3 said…

oh ok, how it going? I been gone by the wind. I live in Texas now.

At 7:14am on September 21, 2016, Stick said…

NewDayDawning... LoveLight&Respect

At 8:35am on August 19, 2016, Stick said…

~Persevering through Life’s challenges is worth it’s weight in Alchemical Gold, dear Lisa. I know you’ve been going through significant tests. Never Give Up Your Pride. Your willingness to push forward & manifest meaningful breakthroughs is an inspiration.  Life is in session… half measures avail us nothing. Thank you for  b e i n g  You. ~InLight555

Just yesterday I was hoping for tomorrow
And I trust and pray it would bring a brighter future
My life has been filled with ups and downs
Sometimes I never knew which way to turn

When the going gets rough, the tough gets going
Cause I never give up my pride
Even though I'm broken up inside
I never give up my pride
Even though they try to push me aside
I never give up my pride

Don't you remember when?
Didn't depend on hopes and dreams
I had to push on through trying to find the ways and means
My life has been filled with twists and turns
Sometimes I never knew which way to turn

When the going gets rough, the tough gets going
Cause I never give up my pride
Even though I'm broken up inside
I never give up my pride
Though at times my world may seem to capsize
I Never Give Up My Pride...

At 1:23am on August 13, 2016, Stick said…


At 5:17pm on July 22, 2016, Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser said…

At 9:31am on July 1, 2016, Stick said…

Love, Light & Respect



At 10:21pm on May 9, 2016, David Kenyon said…

"You need not wrestle for your good. Your good flows to you most easily when you are relaxed, open, and trusting."
~Alan Cohen

At 9:39pm on May 7, 2016, UniverseMother3 said…

Maybe we both need to get tourmaline!! >>>>>>>>>>>>>bless you.

At 9:33pm on May 7, 2016, UniverseMother3 said…

calling some one fat>> miss piggy is wrong, i am thin person. >>> i never call people name......... This prove a big EGOS guy on your wall. it up to you lisa to delete it, or tolerate EGOS............. BLESS YOUR MATE< he is sweet heart.......... all i ask about Vashtar towards omega, so i response to another Sirius starseed what is wrong with vashtar. what is meaning of albiet , i never heard of that word or term. if it a name of it . i only contact Vashtar, not albeit. >>>>>>>>>>>early morning VAshtar give I strong huge. since i am very short, it felt like he just pick I up from behind, and Huge me........ >>> he was talking about some farm land, or large grass land location......  I bought up Father universe to him. bit peaceful........ >>>>>It up to you want to tolerate your Ex. i am not into human drama. ONLY ET EXPERIENCE. LOVE THE LIGHT OF PEACE. no need for people to be a show off . they need to stop spying on your wall. or make your wall private?

At 2:33pm on May 7, 2016, UniverseMother3 said…

 someone has created drama on my wall. My facebook wall is for ufo information. Someone is hurt you have a finalization new boyfriend. People should not be hurt. No subject aimed at anyone. I don't know why someone is anger? I am a peaceful person. I set the law on my wall. Only contactee UFO experiance. Not human drama. I work over a 1150 et race. Turn drama off. We are all peaceful people. I give advice to protect people. Not to harm any one. I work universe. Human are attached to land and people. They become hostile. Your wAll is over watch. Time for the other people to leave people alone. Bring back the peace. Bless your journey. I am mainly, Focus on space family mission. I have the feeling they are running away from the universe truth. Ufo et is my life. Bless you

At 4:01pm on May 6, 2016, UniverseMother3 said…

I been busy to be on facebook, since the last time we have chatted. How is you and your sweet guy doing? have he give you mother day yet?  His cute kitty and remind I past night , your purple color is much happy and peaceful. I saw animals and his kitty in harmony peace........ Continue to grow peaceful with him. bless your journey . We all us lady will need a guy is 100% percent truth........ not obsession and lies, control. I am proud of you. You are back in right path. please keep shining the brightest. I am always proud of you , when you make wise choice in life, you happiness is what matter. I felt you have found your true love.......cherish every step of the moment. Bless you. Happy mother Day!

At 2:18am on May 5, 2016, Stick said…

~Thanks for sharing the music... I have a dear friend who made a documentary in Uganda called 'Children of War', a profound film that sheds light on the indomitable spirit of the Ugandan people to endure unspeakable tragedy & still manifest the Light... in their music & pure state of being. On a similar frequency, there's an artist from Senegal who's music always touches the Alchemical Gold. Here's a track that Peter Gabriel used of his in 'The Last Temptation Of Christ' soundtrack. Hope all is well in your sector of the Omniverse, Lisa. ~InLight555 


At 4:08pm on April 16, 2016, David Kenyon said…

Just like the butterfly, I too will awaken in my own time. ~Deborah Chaskin


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