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At 10:37am on July 14, 2012, STAR* said…

At 11:33am on July 13, 2012, STAR* said…

Lil u cutsie ;)

At 2:43am on July 12, 2012, STAR* said…

At 10:32am on July 11, 2012, STAR* said…


im so glad u got the hang with those pictures ;) sending u love sweet girl

At 11:12am on July 10, 2012, STAR* said…

hello sweetie :)

sending love <3

At 4:37am on July 9, 2012, STAR* said…

At 2:36pm on June 26, 2012, STAR* said…

Lil ;

At 8:51am on June 23, 2012, STAR* said…

I knew you could do it Lil!

hope your having a lovely saturday; its a glorius day over here, im going to get my much needed foton energy lol

At 8:06pm on June 22, 2012, STAR* said…

lil im glad ur pic msgs work!!

At 1:44pm on June 21, 2012, STAR* said…

colorchghrts.gif (32070 bytes)

colorchghrts.gif (32070 bytes)

colorchghrts.gif (32070 bytes)

colorchghrts.gif (32070 bytes)

At 11:00am on June 21, 2012, STAR* said…

Lil, you can still right click (copy) a pic

and paste in this box

thats works for everybodys computer... :)

hope ur havin a lovely day!


At 12:03am on June 20, 2012, STAR* said…

Hi LilStar, ok so im gonna give u a explanation to put up pics...

see the tools above, (click the box next to link box) its the 2nd box

click browse

double click the pic u want thats already saved from your computer


then it should show up in this box,

click add comment

hope that helps; i have saved my pictures on my pc :)


At 5:54pm on June 19, 2012, Lightworkersxm said…

Hi lilStar

At 1:12am on June 19, 2012, STAR* said…

aww Lil , im glad its all sorted now, and glad the glad the group helped you!

love! <3

At 5:38pm on June 17, 2012, FreedomPlanet42 said…

3D of a myriad of sats with pins drawn to the earth Pictures, Images and Photos
3D of a myriad of satellites with pins drawn to the earth
The purple lines are drawn out to satellites that move through the Van Allen Belts, to study the earth's magnetic field et cetera.

At 4:16pm on June 17, 2012, FreedomPlanet42 said…

I'm still working on forgiving my ex-wife... It is hard when you realize that this person has hurt you more than any other person in your history.... it makes it a bit easier when it isn't even someone you've met. We are all exploring and sharing our opinions and experiences... and I think that deep down we're all fighting to get to the same point... we just have different, yet in a way similar, words and ways of expressing our emotions. With my ex, if I imply the "c" know the one... then I understand before hand that she will act on that and attempt to show me what I think the definition of the word really means. She's good at it too. I could not, and can not, stand the way she is... so in my attempt at a long-term solution, I no longer have any contact with her of any kind. It may not have to go to such an extreme in a smaller situation such as this. Really... is it that big of a deal? Who is going to lighten up first?

At 12:51am on June 17, 2012, FreedomPlanet42 said…

It rained today! 84 degrees out right now. Ahhh..... I think it's headed your way. I'll hope it in your direction...

At 10:22pm on June 4, 2012, STAR* said…

thanks for your friendship request <3

At 4:58pm on May 26, 2012, KellyB13 said…

Thanks for the friend request LiLStar : )

May you be always be blessed with love, peace & joy...



At 2:01am on April 1, 2012, Jose Ignacio Contreras said…

Drake's interview with David Wilcox on March 28, 2012 regarding Imminent
Mass (12 parts)

Click to Listen

What to Know, What to Do, and What Not to Do

NOTE:  The above is an image or screen shot that was sent to us.  We apologize for the typographical errors, but are not responsible

for them.  In the title, the word "Immenint" should be "Imminent" and in the first column where it speaks of "marshal" law, the word
should be "martial"
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