Yup, It's Time For the Bucket List

8108720681?profile=originalGood day, all. Sending you my best wishes for a beautiful day, in whichever country your heads may lay, may it be in peace and contentment.

Given the state of affairs lately with the Mayan Calendar ending in October, Elenin coming into our area, the economy sliding into the abyss, and of course every other prediction coming true, lol… I have been contemplating the reality of our situation and the possible outcomes to each scenario. It’s a lot of work to ponder the universe and the ending of all that you currently know and are involved with daily, our cherished routines, our personal rituals and friendships and work and family and all that makes your life uniquely your own.
Humankind will experience a mass consciousness raising experience together, but for now we are individuals experiencing our small dramas against the back drop of the Change of Ages.

As you see, it is a weighty process, this studying and analyzing and investigating of our world. So I wanted to step back for a minute, with all of you, and ask instead- what is left to do? What unique experiences would I like to take back home with me? What am I going to do with my last days as a terrestrial human? Is there something you have always wanted to do but were afraid or unable to do? I say let’s take this opportunity to do some really spectacular things and feel things for the last or first time before we take that GIANT leap into the future. So it is with this idea in mind that I present to you My Bucket List, and I think it would just be wonderful if you could share some of your Bucket List items with me as well :)

I am limited in that I work full time and have a family to take care of, but I believe I can still cram in some great stuff. My needs are very simple and I am a “live in the moment” type of person so there aren’t many impulses I’ve had that I haven’t followed already, lol. That being said, here we go:

-Okay, I know everyone says this one but it’s always seemed so awesome to me and I’ve never had anyone to go with…. I really want to sky dive and feel the wind rushing past me at 1000 miles an hour. If I have to go alone, I will this time.

-White water rafting. This is a biggie for me… I dislike swimming and find water terrifying; if I am going to beat this fear, now is the time.

-Ouch, this is one I am cringing at already- but I have a nasty habit of smoking. I know I need to quit but I am afraid of the virago I will become without my crutch. I know this is wrong thinking and I am working on it, but believe me if you knew my life you would be shocked at that I don’t drink as well, lol. I would like to be pure of toxins and vegetarian before first contact, if possible.

-I would like to learn how to belly dance. I used to work at a Greek restaurant and we had belly dancers in every week. To tell the truth at first I just loved their costumes, but after the girls who did it showed me some moves, I began to see it as a story being told with your body and I really resonated to the music and feminine power in it. I don’t have much time for myself to learn but I would enjoy it very much and it’s great for clearing your chakras.

-I would love to sing with a band. Okay, so I love to sing karaoke but I am not a wonderful singer and that is why I am not signing autographs any time soon, lol. But the rush I get from performing in public is amazing, and I would love to experience it with a real live band. I’ve already got the song picked out, Fall at Your Feet by Jesse Cooke…sigh- gosh that song always moves me.

-Converse with my cat. Yes I know he can hear me, he gives me a dirty look and flicks his ears every time I try to talk to him with my mind or send him heart love from my chakra. He’s probably just stuck up, lol- I know I’ll be sitting there one day and he’ll just start up a conversation.

-Have dinner in the Calgary tower. Gourmet dinner in a spinning restaurant with a view of the city? I have the perfect dress!

-Go caving in the Rocky Mountains. I was thisclose to booking a trip for my daughter and I to go on a cave tour but she was just not into it so I didn’t go. Underground waterfall, here I come!

-Weekend away with the girlfriends. We ALWAYS talk about this and never do it.

-Have the biggest most wonderful party for all of my family and friends, full of love and food and music. A celebration of spirit that would spill onto the neighborhood and cause a LOVE-IN. :) Hey, it’s not too much to ask, is it? Wouldn’t you gather your loved ones for one last bash if you could?

So, that is my Bucket List. I hope I have given you something to think about, a bit of distraction from the panorama of changes that we are facing together.

Remember, you are only taking your memories with you when you leave, regardless of where you are going. It is the connections between us that are real, all this other stuff is just maya/illusion- but that doesn’t mean we won’t miss parts of it when the time is due for it to end.



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  • This may sound daft, but ever since I saw the movie ''Out on a limb'' I have always wanted to visit the Lost city of the Incas in Machu Pichu in Peru and sit naked in a hot tub with ''Shirley MacClaine'' .. I know, I know.. its silly but its true, I dont mean getting horny with her in the tub..lol.. my God no.. but to talk with her about the Ascension process and have an Out of Body Expierence with her, she does it in that film and I would very much like to be in the buff with Shirley in a bubbling hot tub, in the Andes.. heehee :-)

     http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/video/oobe-out-on-a-limb-1987 ( thanks Lily )

    Other Bucket list moments include over comming my fear of heights by standing on the very, very top of the Burge Dubia (tallest Building in the world) .. and not just on the roof, on the top of the mast (khalifa's spire) that is the very top point, its possible..


    Like you Kelly, I also want to sit in a revolving cafe in a high tower, except for me, I want it to be in Tokyo where I can look at a panaramic view of the city at night.. I have always wanted to go to Tokyo and live out my ''Blade Runner'' fantasies.. lol... one day I'll do it.. and I have the Blade Runner soundtrack on my CD walkman (yes, I know, I dont have an ipod, I'm ''late'' with technology .. lol ).. but I'll take that soundtrack with me and pretend I'm Deckard in the movie :-)

     I guess there are tons of things on the bucket list.. some of you guys live in America and I really want to see the Arizona dessert, to camp out there and watch the stars.. thats a big dream for me.. to go to Joshua Tree park and partake in the sacret peyote ..

    To Travel.. India, Bali, Japan, China, Nepal.. to drink necter and eat coconut pancakes on a spotless tropical beach while swinging calmly in a hamuck between 2 palm trees while listening to heavy Dub Reggea, spot of snorkeling in the afternoon, meditate with some Buddist Monks in a temple in Tibet, go to Vietnam and hack my way through the Jungle while I live out all my ''Apocalipse Now'' fantasies .. lol... stuff like that..

    There are so many things to do.. but I guess most of all, is to see as many people in the world as possible who are awake to the Ascension, to see everyone expressing Love non stop.. I would also like to be able to go back in time to 1973 and sneak into the recording of Pink Floyds ''Dark Side of the Moon'' un-noticed while the band are on a tea break and squeak into the michrophone for a minuite so that my voice is imortalised on that record.. some people tell me I am a dreamer, others inform me that such a thing as traveling back in time is entirely possible as we are now gaining access to many of our Spititual and psychic abilities..

    anyway.. thats a glimpse of how my head works from time to time :)

    Hope everyone gets to fullfill the wishes on their Bucket list :)



  • I need a nice large bucket the size of a japanese soaking tub to soak my worries in. 


    Some hot water with essential oils, flower essences, divine light ~ to melt these things away, so I can immerse myself into the bliss of destiny :)


    Feel one with my space friends… :)

  • Hi Kelly,


    Great post and really got me thinking!


    First and foremost would be to travel - first class of course!!!  See family in the New Zealand and Engalnd.

    Then do Britain from one end to the other. Bring on the rainbow money already!!ha ha


    So, until the rainbow money arrives my list is:

          Spend more time with the kids, taking time off work to attend sports days, assemblys and the like


          Give 100 percent to growing my own vegies - my first attempt a freak storm came and washed it all             away.    Second attempt I put in pots so as not to get washed away and they dried out cause I didn't water often enough.  Third attempt - yesterday - create new vegie area for pots and semi auto watering system....was going along swimmingly until I slashed my finger open!!!!  Now I could look at this as 1) I am not meant to start a vegie patch, 2) I clearly needed a rest yesterday or 3) If at first you don't succeed try, try again!  So, I am choosing to disregard No 1, accept No 2 and am now on a mission with No 3!!! ha ha


            I too need to break my smoking crutch, and am sure I would have untold amounts energy each day as I wouldn't spend so long berating myself for not stopping, allow more to come in etc etc


            Surprise myself by being more spontaneous - who knows what that might bring!!  Talll, dark and handsome! Hhhhmmmmmm.


    Joy, Love and Blessings




  • Hey thanks Shelley :)  Lol, maybe I am-- my shadow self- maybe I'll try snowboarding this year- does ascension gift us with coordination?
  • dear Kelly, that was cute, made me laugh and of course got me thinkin.But, at the same time I am wondering if you are a closet extreme sports junkie? lol your warm self. Love and laughs back to you Shelley
  • OooOOOoh, this is grrreat......A list....Let me see...hmmmmm ;-D

    Huge LOVE to ya xxx 


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