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Your Time Has Come

April 5, 2021


Channeled by Brenda Hoffman for LifeTapestry

Summary of Brenda’s April 2, 2021, channeled “Creation Energies” show at BlogTalkRadio.

com/brenda-hoffman: Forerunners  accepted your joy/giddiness via the recent energies.

You’re now processing those energies to determine if your earth life sparkles  without the

expected 3D clouds. As you process this latest

shift, remember to acknowledge the sparkles instead of any lingering 3D clouds.

“Your Giddiness Has Arrived” is the title of last week’s “Brenda’s Blog” – her weekly

channeled blog for  LifeTapestry

Brenda’s “Creation Energies” show and “Brenda’s Blog” contain different channeled information.

Dear Ones,

A new dimension has become part of your being.

Last week, we, of the Universes, discussed giddiness and unusual life sparkle. Such is so because

you are discovering  what was once difficult has become easy. And that those you disliked or felt

uncomfortable with have little meaning in your life.

This new you is the result of the energies floating about the earth encouraging, even demanding,

that you accept you in all your glory.

In 3D, you were not supposed to be too great or grand. And if or when you felt as if you could

do anything, someone or something  made certain you could not. Your 3D limitations were designed

to keep you under control.

Fear is not possible when you have nothing to lose, including your standing in society. The parameters

established by 3D society were designed to instill fear. A fear that even the most competent 3D leaders

felt.  For without followers, a leader could not maintain his or her outer-directed power. In turn, those

controlled by a leader were concerned they would be ostracized or lose their power if that leader no

longer protected them or lost  their power. Three-D was a fear-based society.

Fear can only be removed when there is no need to please or follow others; when your inner

knowingness  is enough to maintain your being in all activities and interactions; when self-love is

as important as placating  others. When  you know without a doubt,  you are as capable as any person.

Such attributes were not honored in 3D, for fear does not encourage anyone to think highly of


You have stepped into the realm of self-love and, therefore, self-activation. No longer do you need to

wonder if this action or that  activity is socially acceptable.

Given that freedom, creations will be developed by anyone and everyone. No longer are there

exceptions  to this rule. The new being you birthed expects to be different in both actions and

creations. New will be the word of the eons.

Simultaneously, interventions by those in control will be either ignored if they are of 3D or redirected if

they are from those beyond  3D. For new you has no interest in others’ telling you what you can or

should do.

This is a time of radicalization, not in terms of harming others, but instead of fully claiming yourself. And

by so doing, claiming the  skillsets, you developed in other dimensions and frequencies. 

You are no longer of 3D – and no one can force you to return to those restrictions. Of course, those fully

of 3D will attempt to do so,  for how can they be powerful if no one is following or fearful of them?

What is becoming evident to you forerunners is that those fully of 3D are acting more and more like a

two-year-old. Stamping their  feet and saying, “No” to anything that might disrupt their power


But just as is true for the two-year-old you interacted with or parented, those tantrums mean little. A

two-year-old does not determine when they go to bed or what  they eat even though they

might want such to be so. You, the adult, perhaps laugh a bit and continue with your day. And if that

means the two-year-old must go  to bed, he or she will. 

So it will be with those enmeshed in 3D. They will test your boundaries, your will. You will respond by

smiling or ignoring them as you  go about your day. Their temper tantrums mean little in terms of your day

or life.

Outer-directed 3D power has ended. Even so, some forerunners will accept 3D fear for a bit until those

forerunners realize their  inner-power.

So it is you are beginning to realize you are not like most people. The same will be true for each

forerunner – maybe not today, but very soon. And for once, you will not be ashamed or feel guilty

about that difference,  for your time has come.

Allow those of 3D to display their temper tantrums for they are frightened. Not necessarily of your

inner-power,  but because you do  not need them to tell you who you are and what you are capable of.

You have  walked out of your 3D fear cell, and they have no idea how to bring you back. Their 3D

power is as limited  as that of a two-year-old. 

Some of you may feel the need to pretend you concur with those 3D beings until even that becomes too

onerous. Just know that new you is a creative loner without a need for someone telling you what to do,


There will be creative pods, if you will, of like-minded people. But those pods will not follow nor accept an

overlord. Those days are  over.

You are new you in a new world. So be it. Amen. To receive Brenda’s Blog, please click the Subscribe Button on the upper part

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