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The Mother has come this morning and asked me to share this channel from our Ascended Masters class on the Inspired Self – my friends this is good news for all of us! The Mother guides that  we all need to hear Her declaration! xxx Linda

 - You Are Your Ascended Self - 

Greetings, I AM Mary. I AM Mare’, Universal Mother, Divine Mother. Mother of Change, Mother of Constancy, Mother of Inspiration, and Mother, beloved ones, of each and every one of you, for I have beckoned you. I have beckoned you near and far, across my infinite ocean of time.

I have beckoned you with my Tsunami of Love. I have beckoned you gently and strongly, infinitely and eternally. And as I have beckoned you, my Bravehearts, my Champions of Change, you have answered. And you have not merely said to me, “I’m coming, Mother”… you have shown up in the fullness, not only of your human – hybrid self, you have shown up in the fullness, sweet angels of light, of your divinity, in the anchored recognition, possession, embodiment, of your divinity, of your birthright, of the truth of who you are.

So many upon my beloved Gaia have forgotten who they are or why they have come. Or, they shy away in anguish and fear, in trepidation and denial. It matters not, for they are equally loved. But you have done none of this. Oh, that does not mean that there are not moments of fear, of angst, of anger, of wonder and awe…of course there are.

Regardless of that, you have persevered and you haven’t simply persevered in the sense of burden…there is enough of that on your planet to go around throughout many galaxies! You have persevered, but also demanded and declared that you deserve joy, you deserve understanding, you deserve wisdom, you deserve love, you deserve friendship, you deserve sacred union and partnership, you deserve it all…and it is all here for you for the taking. I give it to you freely! Take it freely! It is as light as air, it is as fine as angel feathers, it is as powerful as the wind…and it is yours.

You do not merely incorporate or wait for inspiration. You have anchored, and you are anchoring, and yes, it will expand because that is my plan and yours. It will expand, and expand, and expand as you more fully accept that you are not merely in your ascension, that you are your ascended self. This deep recognition, this wonderful impatience that says, “Mother, I am sick and tired of waiting…” Well, I would not phrase it that way, beloved, but so am I.

This unfoldment is at hand on all kinds of levels and you, you are my torchbearers, you are my pathfinders, you are my wayshowers, you are my teachers, my healers, my channels. But you are also yourself and this is what I come this day to celebrate with you…your beautiful human divinity, in form, in such incredible radiance. You glow! You do not just beam, beloveds, you glow.

You are not merely the lighthouse or the safe harbor, you are the ones to show the way. And for this I thank you, and I beckon you, yes, to our next journey, to our next adventure. I take my hands and I place them on yours, and I will teach you how to create…not just like me, but with me!

I am with you, and you are so deeply loved. Farewell.

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Comment by amparo alvarez on Tuesday

The above message I forgot to mention that it was channeled through Linda Dillon from The Council of Love...

Comment by amparo alvarez on Tuesday

What a wonderful message...It is music to my ears like love is to my heart...Thank You Madre, Now and forever...


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