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 As most know I always make the distinction between a nation's elites and a nation's people...I do apply the biblical perceptions, that such distinctions are akin to "clay" and "iron." The clay being humanity (the people) and the iron, being Roman law (the state,) the inflexible rules of the state...of an empire. The rod of iron, of Rome.

So I will suggest that I take sides where France is concerned. I side with the people of France and that great nation, born of Gaul. My contentions are centred upon France's elites, including the administration of President Macron.

French culture, the people, the fine cheeses; camembert, brie and St Agur are absolutely unique to France...I admire the quality. I have no issue with France itself, nor her cultured people.

So those educated people of France, with a long culture and tradition, must be very concerned that their President, seems to be edging towards giving away France's permanent seat on the UN security council, one of the "big five" nations; Russia, America, Great Britain, France & China. This security council status has been in place since the UN was founded, back in the late 1940s..Each of these nations on the council, who can veto decisions of other members, as well as the non-permanent members (who are rotated,) and make up the sum parts of the UNSC.

There are rumours, in circulation, that Macron seeks more than just an EU army. He seeks to relinquish France's special status, within the UNSC and hand it, instead, to Brussels...The European Union. A very interesting proposal, which has as many holes in it, as Swiss cheese..Especially when one considers that the EU is neither a nation, nor is it sovereign...As per the definitions provided UN members..Five sovereign states, are supposed to comprise membership of said council....

If this absurd suggestion even slightly gained traction I'm sure the good people of France will take it as another signal, to protest..in their particularly patriotic manner of doing so...

"Vive la République...!!"



Selamat kasijaram zau.. (Sirian for “be blessed in the love and joy of spirit…!”) 🙏


Col. Drekx Omega

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Would Macron really give up France's UN Security Council Seat?! - YouTube


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  • This Month I believe that the UK will invoke article 16 of the NIP UK–EU Withdrawal Agreement...By allowing both the French and Irish (republic) to break so much trust, the EU have brought it upon themselves...These Euro-fanatics are going to lose out in the long term and maybe also the shorter term. They constantly want to punish Brexit Britain and it will backfire on them..

  • Macron's childish petulance knows no bounds...He now accuses Australia's PM of lying to him, over the submarine deal...It's great that the French lost out and we (the British,) entered the trilateral arrangements, leading to AUKUS.
    The French still think it's all about them, BUT, truly, it's about Australia's interests in the Indo-Pacific region, in light of the growing menace of Red China...

    Albeit, with "allies" like France, who needs enemies...?? lol😏

  • Aussie PM, Scott Morrison, is in Glasgow UK and discusses Australian Royal Navy ship building.
    He also describes the background to the trilateral pact; AUKUS and the historical circumstances which excluded French involvement...

    Personally I think that type26 frigates will be well used in the Pacific, along with AUKUS nuclear subs..
    Far better to keep the French at arms length, in serious defense matters between Anglospheric partners. Why else have the French been excluded from 5-Eyes these many decades..?? Obviously the French cannot be trusted in national security, secret technology and military matters...

  • "France WARNED to drop fishing threats or spark a UK trade war."

    "France was on Monday warned it's got 48 hours to "back off" and drop its "unreasonable threats" over fishing or spark a trade war with Britain.

    Furious Foreign Secretary Liz Truss slammed the "unwarranted" threats from Emmanuel Macron and told him: "We simply won't stand for that."

    She accused the French president of "behaving unfairly" and said the PM won't hesitate to immediately trigger legal action against his country.

    Paris has vowed to begin disrupting trade between Calais and Dover from tomorrow by ramping up red tape and customs controls on lorries.

    It will also step up navy patrols and spot checks on British fishing boats and ban them from landing their catches at French ports.

    Mr Macron has threatened to go even further in future by hiking electricity prices for Jersey, which is supplied by an undersea cable.

    But today Ms Truss fired back: "The French have made completely unreasonable threats, including to the Channel Islands and to our fishing industry.

    "If somebody behaves unfairly in a trade deal you're entitled to take action against them and seek compensatory measures.

    "That's what we'll do if the French don't back down. We are simply not going to roll over in the face of these threats."

  • "The French are not our friends, they always held a grudge...we should simply say to the French ambassador, if they don't start behaving reasonably we will start imposing sanctions.'

    Former Brexit Party MEP Ann Widdecombe says the UK should threaten sanctions against France."

  • Lord Frost will settle this dispute.....!!! 😁

  • Welcome news that Premier Johnson will not allow oversight by the evil ECJ, in any dispute settlement process, involving the Northern Ireland Protocol (NIP.)

    Of course, a truly independent arbitration would be the only way forward, for any settlement between the UK and EU. Nothing else would be fair, nor sane.....😏

    Naturally, the EU, being totally insane, cannot understand this logic and always assume that they are entitled to maximum advantage, every time...BUT NOT ANY MORE...😁

    I foresee this ending in the UK invoking article 16 of the protocol, anyway, as the EU are so paranoid about losing control over everyone, that they won't back down and neither will our side....Well, let us see....And certainly, compromise is not possible, over such a contentious issue as choice of a truly independent, trade disputes arbitration body....

    Even a partial role for the ECJ, as "final arbiter," would be lunacy for us to accept...
    It is akin to the referee of a football match working for one of the sides and against the other side....Only a Euro-fanatic brain could dream that one up...lol😵 These Euro-land nutters must be brain damaged...🥴

  • EU VAT taxation will be scrapped eventually, as double-taxation is not required in competitive, Brexit Britain...The Treasury could abolish VAT after the spending review...😄

    The EU's VAT, imposed for decades, has long been despised by Britons...It is utterly oppressive in a capitalist economy and is such a definingly continental idea, abhorrent to Anglospheric and Anglo-Saxon values...The pompous Germans and French can keep their love of high taxes and we can be rid of them, forever...lol😁

  • 😄Closer trade links with India have been initiated by the UK's Foreign Secretary.

    Technology, infrastructure and security, will also be discussed, in a 2-day visit by Liz Truss...

    Truss is highly skeptical of China (PRC) and has already sought to ban all Chinese involvement in sensitive British technology programs, including nuclear and 5G....This view will be shared by India, who's government is also very skeptical of Chinese trustworthiness...(Join the growing club of Sino-skepticism..)

  • Look at the beaming friendship offered the UK, by New Zealand's PM & people..? Now contrast that, with the sorts of bitterness and wrangling we have had to endure, with the EU....What a contrast between the two...😬

    Indeed, nobody can deal with the EU, as they are insane...or maybe drunk, 😵as with former President Junker..🥴

    Merkel & Macron..WTF. 🤡👹

    That dastardly club of Rome...bah...!! The EU Commission: Junker, Tusk, VDL, Barnier, et al...😠 Remember Guy Verhofstadt..?? 👿 I'm just amazed that Britain put up with the Euro-punishment for so long...But glad we finally left..🍾

    Now contrast "Europe" with the Indo-Pacific and Americas...?? 😏

    New Zealand was discovered by Captain Cook, the British explorer and Captain in the Royal Navy...Way back in the 18th century....So our links with New Zealand go back centuries and have always been friendly, as we settled our own people there and have always tried for good relations with the Maoris...😄

    NZ fought alongside UK in WW1 & WW2....We very much view this nation as one of our family members. A young lion 🦁 in the pride...Like Australia and Canada..😁

    Great to see history in the making and a new Anglospheric Union being forged, for the 21st century...And unlike the EU, this union is one of family and friends, who speak English, have a common head of state and share common values, law and Parliaments, so don't need "harmonization" policies, imposed from a central capital, like Brussels...The Anglosphere is already a union and we are consolidating that welcome fact politically, economically and militarily (as peace keepers.)😇

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