Will we ever go home!!!?

I always wanted to go home when i was little i never wanted to stay on earth i always feel that im trapped in this evil world why would i come here for to make myself suffer all my life ? i cant enjoy life but whats the point of me suffering here ask yourself why would i come here to change world or what? we cant change world 144.000 k vs 7 billion is nothing i would never choose for myself to be human please trust me family of light and many others why would we want ourself to do bad everyone would like to enjoy life and be happy not to come to this world and to suffer and why we dont get a real date when we will return home where i belong so i can find out the truth for myself because i know im not from this world and i know who im ! im just trying to get out truth out dont ban me pls i seen some people have been banned for thinking they been trapped sorry but i would never go here myself not for anything i love myself and i wish not to harm myself nor do you JUST ASK YOURSELF WHY IM HERE? when world is just getting worse and worse no money no jobs i lost my job and now im suffering like always i just cant be happy not to tell i was raped when i was 12 by some idiot who is in prison now i just cant believe someone would go here himself to do something or to feel something this world is full of evil forces bad friends everywhere cant get real friends all is shit evil i would never ever choose to go here in this world please trust me and ask your self again why would i do this to myself please tell me why there is no date when we go home ??? im scared of death i dont want to get old and than die when i dont see a stupid date all was fake 21 dec 2012 my biggest hope is gone and i just cant kill my self :( please give me another hope i just know i been trapped here i dont belong to this world nor anyone do i love family of light but those who put us dont love us but want us to suffer i suffer all my life i just cant never be happy i put smile on my face so i look happy on photos but im not please tell me if i ever will go home i just will die here working is hard for me and i dont want to live free but i just cant tell me why would i do this to myself it just makes me weaker not stronger for those who say it makes you it stronger im so scared now i dont know what to do with my life i just dont want to die !!!

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  • About ur question...why ....go here. I remember, when I took on the assignment of going here and before remembering I've spend years, asking the same questions u ask. And yes it can seem unbelieveable, why we come here, totally. I remember my total conviction, that I could make it, I remember my entusiasm taking on the experiences of the life here. Now after going through those experiences, I find it hard to believe, that I was that naive. I think what I'm saying here is, that u choose it, believe it or not. And that, maybe when we are home, we can't remember just how tough it gets here, when it gets rough.

  • Everyone comes here believing they can change things by changing themselves.  There is the akashic records and other sources to gather soul data and learning from.  It's the challenge of evolving, I believe.   Quite possibly there are other less obvious reasons.  Like maybe someone else wanted us to come here.

  • Why would we come here to change people when people can only accept to change them self !!! nobody can change people thats not possible i tried it it never worked i always tried to friend enemy but got shit instead of friend

  • Please someone tell me why would you want to go here? it can be seen from skys that this place is hell who would want to go live here !!! come on everyone wants to enjoy life there is heaven up i know the whole meaning of life is there and someone put us here by force if someone please can tell me why would he go to earth i would be happy i see nothing for fun here good people are hard to find here!!!

  • "than who are we why we call ourself from other world if we choose to go with slow death? if i die i would like die happy not like this! Sapphire im 21 year old whole my life i just bored and suffering !!!"

    I can type out very nice sentences and tell you from a philosophical point of view why we are here and who we are. But that will seem fake to you. I can only tell you I don't know, and I truly don't know. Someone who tells you a definite answer to these questions is delusional, for we cannot know true answers. Perhaps there is only questions and no answers. Really, you are on your own in the journey to answer these questions.

    You said you are 21... I wish I was 21 my dear! I would do so so much, undo my regrets. Look here Jessie, you started a thread, and so many responded to your thread. Not only with a few words, nor asking you to get some psychiatric medicines to treat your blues away. Many comments here actually do come from  people who care and took time to feel, think and write to you. That proves something. Not everything in this world is 'evil' or 'bad'. If unfortunate things can happen to you, most certainly nice things will happen to you too.

    Most of us actually did experience what you are feeling now. That's why we said, hang in there! There are truly amazing people out there who have been tortured and suffered and yet they've seen past the pain and grow from it. I am learning from them too. Don't you want to realize your true human potential and see how strong you can get? Don't you want to give it another chance? It is possible to be the person you want to be and live the life you want to live. 

  • oriansiriansarcturian


  • can all you leave off - stop trying to be the answer - stop writing like a priest from 100 years back - stop trying to act as you are someone - if you are ! prove it! make this site go mad - make lives go wild - stop posting shit without follow up - if not - - - ------------------- I will have to use my power and wizz u all into smoke, ok?

  •  Dear Jessi, you have been in my mind most of the day today, even without I had read ur post. Now I have (obviously) and for now just a very short advice or handout, I'll write more to u later. Think hard; how can u help someone else, anybody with anything. Try it and let me hear from u. Of course u are one of us, when u feel so, don't even bodder to read the posts that claims otherwise, it's not nice, to try to make u doubt urself in times like these. Love u <3

  • patience dear

    good times are afoot ;)

  • Dear Jessi,

    I can understand You, but as usual.

    Where are the proofs that You are a non-human soul.

    I have some experience with such claims. And I must say that everytime there are the same conspicuous patterns. Its just my obseration.

    I see You had some bad experiences in Your past. Many people which are unstable and disstatisfied with their lifes, they produce such fantasy world or their own fantasy realities so they feel better and increase the value of their life.

    I don´t say this ist a fact. It is only my suspicion.

    I know what I say as You can read here: http://www.ashtarcommandcrew.net/forum/topics/i-was-told-i-am-an-as...

    So again, do You have any proofs for Your claim?

    PS: Sorry for my English

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