Will Criminality Follow Us into the Fifth Dimension?
October 30, 2018 By Steve Beckow

Will criminality follow us into the Fifth Dimension?


To answer that, I have to answer a second question: What would happen if someone unprepared for a higher plane of vibration suddenly found themselves there?

Can spiritually-unevolved people follow us into the higher dimensions?

Mike Quinsey’s source tells us that “it would not be in the interests of those whose vibrations have not been lifted to try and find a place in Ascension as, even if they could somehow do so, it would be a very uncomfortable experience.” (1)

How’s that? Let me turn to the sources in New Maps of Heaven (2) – afterlife communicators – to find out the how and why.

T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia) tells us the experience would be too intense for the unevolved.

“Whatever our natural plane may be, … to go up before one is ready means an air too rarified and light too intense to be borne. So each must go to his own place and stay there until development draws him up into a higher sphere.” (3)

“Should a man try to live in that rarified spiritual air [of a higher plane than Lawrence occupies] who carried still in his being the uncleansed stains of earth his sufferings would be terrible, as intense as the joy of which he would be capable when he is cleansed of them.” (4)

Not an attractive prospect.

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson explains that we’d find that we could not adjust to so bright a light.

“As in the case of earthly sunshine one can, after a suitable lapse of time, become again perfectly at ease in the normal bright light, it is not so in the case of the higher realms. There is no such adaptability there.

“The ‘blinding’ effect will be continuous to one of a lower state. But with a perfect dispensation, means are provided so that the visiting soul shall undergo no spiritual discomfort or unhappiness.” (5)

Mike Swain testified to encountering too intense a light for him to tolerate.

“The worlds above us are even richer in light and happiness. If I go up there (and I can) I find it too bright; the light hurts my eyes. And the vibrations are so refined that I can’t respond to them! So I reverse gear and return to this world – which suits me just fine! (6)

Harry Dodd says that we’d lose consciousness if we went too high:

“One cannot rise much higher because one loses consciousness. Accompanied by someone of greater development, one can go farther afield; but, if one goes much higher than one’s own awareness, a dreamy state comes on and nothing registers clearly. I was taken traveling in this way so that I would understand it.” (7)

Mgr Benson’s guide, Edwin, describes the natural barrier we encounter when we journey higher.

“As we draw towards a higher realm, … we see the land around us becoming more ethereal, more refined, and this forms a natural barrier to those of us who have not yet progressed sufficiently to become inhabitants of that realm.” (8)

Mgr Benson takes us on an imaginary trip to illustrate the difficulties we might encounter.

“To pass from this realm where I live to the next higher, I shall find myself walking along gently rising ground. As I proceed I shall see all the unmistakable signs – and feel them – of a realm of greater spiritual refinement.

“There will eventually come a point in my walking when I can go no further because I shall feel most uncomfortable spiritually. If I should be foolish enough to try to defy these feelings, I should, at length, find that I was completely unable to venture a foot forward without undergoing sensations which I could not possibly bear.

“I should not be able to see anything before me, only that which lay behind me. But whether we are standing at one of the boundaries, or whether we are well within the confines of our own realm, there comes a certain line in the bridge between the realms where the higher realm becomes invisible to less spiritual eyes.

“Just as certain light rays are invisible to earthly eyes, and certain musical sounds are inaudible to earthly ears, so are the higher realms invisible to the inhabitants of the lower realms.” (9)

One needs either an escort or a talisman (a protective cloak or a wand, for instance) to spend a limited time in the higher realms, Mgr Benson tells us:

“At the border of the higher realms there is no need for such sentinels [as at the lower realms] to keep others from crossing, because the natural law prevents it. When those of a lower realm travel to a higher, it is always by authority, either vested in the traveler, or in some other person of a higher sphere, who will act as an escort.

“In the former case, such authority takes the form of symbols or signs that are given to the holder, who will always and upon every occasion receive – even unasked – every assistance he may need. Many of these symbols have the power in themselves of preserving the traveler from the overwhelming effects of the higher spiritual atmosphere. The latter would not damage the soul, of course, but a soul thus unprepared would find itself in much the same situation as upon Earth when one emerges into brilliant sunlight after a prolonged stay in complete darkness.” (10)

“Such visits are made for happy reasons, and not as tests of spiritual stamina and endurance. When it is necessary to make a journey to even higher spheres, it then becomes imperative, in many cases, that an inhabitant of those realms should, as it were, throw a cloak over his charge, in just the same way as Edwin, upon a lower scale, threw his protecting arms about us when we journeyed to the lower sphere.” (11)

I assert that their accounts, with appropriate changes for being in physicality, suggest what would happen to a spiritually-unevolved person who tried to live in the rising vibrations past their frequency. The light would be too intense; breathing would seem difficult; and other unpleasant sensations would occur driving the person to a lower density.

And the mechanism described here suggests why I say with confidence that criminality will not follow us to the Fifth Dimension.


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