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Seem to Go Slowly?

In a 2016 reading I had with Sue Lie and the Arcturians, which I haven’t posted on before, the Arcturians shed some light on the way the Company of Heaven proceeds in teaching us.

Let’s go over what they shared about their process. Let me also share their admonitions to the blog – similar to Michael’s –  to stay out of “combat.”

In the transcript, they say that they “give information in a preparatory manner in which one concept builds upon the other so people have a chance to accept one component and digest that one component and then the next component comes on top of it.” (1)

I don’t think I’ve ever thought about whether the Company of Heaven even had a process. I felt comforted to know from the Arcturians that they do.

And it seems eminently sensible. Wait for us to digest one piece before giving us another.

Here’s their view of what can happen.

An earthquake will happen in people’s understanding when the truth finally comes out. People will become confused and “when people are confused they get frightened or angry.”

“We have realized that humanity (3rd/4th dimensional consciousness humanity) are able to accept change but they can only take a little bit and then they have to adapt and then take a little bit more and then adapt… And this is why it has taken so long. People are saying, ‘Hurry up, hurry up; when is it going to happen?’ But if it all happened at once there would be riots in the streets. …

“When it begins to happen, they’ll know why it wasn’t then.”

Add these social and emotional reasons for going slow to the physical reasons of taking care of the physical body, which would succumb if Ascension went too quickly.

They said of GAoG:  “People do not come to your site for truth…. They come for comfort and reassurance.”

That’s one big reason. And I can appreciate that.

Since people “tend to create that which they fear,” the Arcturians want us on the blog “to create that which they love.”

The gap between what they fear and what they love is great and is filled mostly with what people don’t know – the unknown. The known fades from our attention, but the unknown remains as a mystery crying out to be solved; an issue.

The blog aims to push back the unknown by supplying as much relevant information from the Company of Heaven as is needed to make things clear. So we have a dual purpose: Reassurance and truth. This is one generation in which the two in combination are possible.

They reminded me that “it is meant for humanity, those who are actually living on the planet, to save the planet so to speak.” So here’s a second circumstance that binds the Company of Heaven: First, they have to go slow and, second, they have to leave the salvation of the planet to us, because it’s a freewill world. OK.

They then said something that I knew deep down to be true and yet I saw my own reluctance to live by it:

“You will know what to do within the now-ness of that doing. It is as Suzelle [Sue Lie] has often said, …  about releasing the illusion of time. As long as you are thinking in terms of time, your consciousness is 3rd/4th dimension. If you can allow a moment to reveal itself and to act upon that moment according to your own higher guidance, that is your fifth-dimensional state of consciousness.

“You are not in time. You are not reacting. You are flowing.”

Flow is one of the paradigms of the higher dimension. But this is simply intellectual knowledge for me at this moment…. With the undercurrent of a much deeper knowing, I still live in a time-bound condition.

They invited us to “[gather] people all over the world that are awake. What we need is for those who are awake to be in community with each other. … Well, you do it anyway but we invite you to expand upon it even more.” Alright.

And in a passage that sounded like Michael, they said:

“If the people want the truth of what is actually happening, they can find that on their own. It’s more that we are asking that you give them… preparing for higher consciousness, preparing for New Earth, preparing for a higher dimensional life.”

That’s essentially what Michael said in Nov. 2019: Build Nova Earth; leave accountability to others, except as personal accountability or responsibility. (2)

They used a picturesque metaphor to make their point:

“We are just giving you another way of looking at what you are already doing; it’s that if you’re on the bottom of the ocean you are going to see a lot of really weird looking beings that have to do a lot things in order to survive in the darkness.

“As you go higher and higher it gets lighter and lighter and once you’re on the top of the ocean you know that down down underneath the bottom of the ocean’s there is those really weird beings but they cannot leave that darkness because they have adapted everything about their physiology to exist in that density at the bottom of the ocean. So they could not survive at the top of the ocean they would suffocate or explode. …

“Engaging in combat takes you right down to the bottom of the ocean.”

They want us to lift the body of lightworkers, if I translate them accurately; it’s in someone else’s contract, they imply, to fight for the truth.   Michael has said similar things. (3)

Much food for reflection. Some solid advice for lightworkers, I think; some solid advice for the blog. And helpful background on how the Company of Heaven plans and proceeds with its teachings.


(1) All quotes are from “Arcturian Transcription; Suzanne Lie, January 14, 2016,” unless otherwise noted.

(2) See “On Malware and the Redirection of the Blog,” December 5, 2019, at

(3) “There are many, and I observe them as do many of us, who want to jump on that horse. And what happens when you are doing that, not that there is no need at times for defenders of various positions and rights, but often what it does is it creates a continuity of the duality [Steve: position invites opposition]. It is a continuity of the old. And that is not what we are co-creating with you. It is a very different paradigm.”  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, April 26, 2011. Hereafter AAM.) It is heart-based, neutral, and balanced.

“We are not suggesting that you begin to become fully engaged or follow the machinations of China or Korea or the United States.” (AAM, April 19, 2017.)

Archangel Michael: You have stood at the edge of the fray and you have inserted not only rationality but a sense of balance and of light and of peace. So for this I commend you.

Steve: But go no further, right?

AAM: Yes. Because this has the energy of quicksand. It will suck you dry. (AAM, Sept. 2, 2016.

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Comment by Valana on January 24, 2020 at 1:33am

We are truly so much alike..I had a reading with one who had Acturians at a Ufology Convention in Sedona, told you about it I believe.  They knew Val and greeted as Cmdr Thor and I had not mentioned him yet...but she was older than I so that's now the same one I'm sure, but that's really neat... Dr Leo Sprinkle also did a reading I think I'll post it, he wanted to find Val in my past...


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