Why Am I An Empath? The Calling from Mother Earth Gaia The Lightworkers’ First Star Seed Mission

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Hearing the clarion call of Light from your empathic soul heart—a beautiful, powerful mission of Love—you seek the healing from the illusion separation of your human spirit from Creator.

It was not that you were forced to come. Mother Earth sent out her signals for help. Throughout the sound waves of Creation, you recognize her heart cry through your own soul being. 13

It was an act of compassion for you to come, for you are a deeply sensitive heart-centered soul and knew you would need to come through the veil of density and partial forgetfulness. In sacred reverence for Mother Earth and the souls of humanity, you had complete faith and trust in the Divine Plan. Your soul history of mastery gave you the purpose that you would remember and awaken to your true Self.

You were shown the future, that you would create an influx of Light as you would come together as a wave of souls (concert of souls), a frequency of initiates of a higher human race on the planet “the Christos” soul embodiment Light-Presence, and break through the controlling dogma and limitations of the messiah complex. 

You heard this call because your soul could; not all souls could hear the holy codes and serve in this way. You, the Peacemakers, came from every part of the cosmos, including planets, galaxies beyond galaxies, realms and dimensions to contribute to the ever-rising frequency bands of Cosmic Consciousness—beyond duality— including Peace, Love, Light, Nonjudgment, Mercy and Compassion. Your soul is adept in that it knows well the evolutionary rise of a planetary system, ascending via higher frequency, as many of you are leaders of Light, pure souls, ascended beings, Angelics, including Archangels and those from the Galactic Federations and Atlanteans. 33

The Blue Rays/ Star Seed Mission of the Mother Frequency

The elite groups of power and control, in their arrogance and ignorance of not understanding and getting to know true Sacred Divine Feminine energy, engaged wittingly and unwittingly in attempting to block or shut down her connections and pathways to God. They misinterpreted the Goddess’ sacred language of Love and her spiritual, intuitive heart connectedness with all natural and human life, the planet and the Cosmos.

God’s radiance was shining through her in ways that many could not see or feel, so it was not real to them. They attempted to stifle her voice and seize her power.

This created a huge imbalance for mankind, for without a balance of the divine masculine AND THE DIVINE FEMININE, they would be lost and not able to ascend. They became disconnected from Life, their home planet Mother Earth, and each other, many not caring about the pollution and poisoning of the crops, soil, water, oceans, air and sky. Now, the Divine Feminine holds the keys to connections and healing they need to survive.

The Blue Ray/ Star Seeds were vibrationally attuned through the water element of the Sacred Divine Feminine via the celestial codes of planets and dimensions from which they came. Their arrival ushered a healing dispensation of the Blue Ray light of creation of the Sacred Divine Feminine of balance and healing for the planet.

The Empath Missions of the Star Seeds 

Your mission on Mother Earth Gaia would require the reawakening of the empathic ley line grids of the planet. Many of you would serve as empaths as Planetary Grid workers,  assisting with the spiritual energy current in moving, directing and activating sacred sites for the higher good of Earth Mother, creating reconnections to the Cosmic Holy Light grid and celestial heavens.

Others’ specialty would be to illuminate the empathic light codes of the Human Divine Blueprint as a healer, sensing and then seeing the energies of the body and being able to raise the light code frequency so the spirt could become more of the Divine Love in its true creation. The empath healers would be able to sense, see and feel the pain and trauma of others and know how to transform the energies. Many would be Blue Ray Transformers and be born in difficult genetics families just to be able to vibrate a higher resonance of light through the generational lines.

The Earth Angel would be an alchemist, working with planet medicines and the archangels of life, and knowing how to work with the sacred elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and also crystal. As Earth Angel sensitive empaths, you would know how to be alchemists of these holy elements, co-working with the Devas, Pan and the elemental kingdoms to implement transformation of light, love and healing through and with them.

You would remember and awaken to the lost arts of Sacred Sound, crystal and Light healing, where your soul has used these to bring profound awakenings and transformation. The Sacred Divine Feminine would arise in many of you where you would teach, gather and empower the priestess and Goddess traditions of wholeness and Love. The singers of Light would sing codes from the many realms and ancient holy tongues, reestablishing our communion with God and Divine healing through the Angelic tones of peace.

Your First Star Seed Mission of the Lightworkers of Mother Earth Gaia

The Star Seeds/ Lightworkers all know the way of the unity heart. Without limitations, restrictions and dogma, you are here to illuminate the Creator’s Love of Light essence on the planet. You innately know how to receive the light code signals from the Sun, Stars, higher light sources and celestial heavens in reclaiming your cosmic heritage, regenerating the sacred body temple that elevates the consciousness.

This has been your first Star Seed/ Lightworkers’ mission of Mother Earth Gaia. Now, set into motion by events, planetary alignments and the acceleration of time shifts and lines, we will experience a second wave of incoming Light Frequency.

You are beloved and held in the holiest of Love, as you stand amongst and with the most highly appreciated warriors of Light and Peace; the Legions of Light, cloaked and everywhere at-the-ready, with Archangel Michael at the helm on Earth and in its upper realms; Heaven and Earth are once again reuniting. To be continued.

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  • Summer Solstice: Blue Ray Higher Octave Ascension Wave Frequencies~ Blue Ray Avatars Dolphin and Whales Awaken New Sirius DNA Strands

    The higher octaves of the Blue Ray Wave of Creation of the June 2018 summer solstice will awaken dormant key tones of crystal, awakening the throat chakra and pineal gland. The Blue Ray Avatars Dolphin and Whales will be holding and anchoring these higher frequencies for the planet and for all who are open to receiving higher octaves of the DNA blueprint unity wave field. These anchored higher frequencies will assist with the ley lines and the crystal sonic restructuring patterns of the higher planes and fields of Gaia.
    The higher octave tone frequencies awaken the body template stargates’ crystal codes, including the pineal gland, a stargate in the middle of the human brain—a bridge to higher dimensional awareness and time travel. There are multidimensional portals in the human body field of a crystalline nature that can be attuned for direct communion with the electro-magnetic energy of the grid and Universe.

    These human stargate portals are avenues to unity consciousness and telepathic communication with your galactic and light families and the divine crystalline Earth grid. Key codes include cellular awakening of your divine original blueprint wherein the holding of the past can be completely transcended. The Divine holy matrix of the unity consciousness grid is re-emerging through this Golden Age of healing of Atlantis and the body template to serve a higher plan of light and oneness.

    Allow your resonance to vibrate in the light of your true essence. The blue rays are being called to remember who they are to express the codes of light, the unique expression of the gifts of the Creator to be the frequency. Allow the light of Source through you so others may know home frequency and connection.

    You may feel guided to be heard and to speak your truth and to take back your power where you may not have known that you needed to, as your emotional body intuitive template guide is showing you the way. The frequency is shifting you through timelines, relationships and circumstances so you may know the path and direction. As a blue ray, you follow the way of love and compassion through the heart of the Divine Mother’s Frequency.

    The blue ray transformers are being called to set stronger boundaries and to transform the negative energies to the light. You are the frequency ambassador from your galactic, angelic, Light Council and groups and are being called to anchor the next direction of the ascension shift that happens through you.

    The new higher octave is assisting you to allow yourself to be seen by not hiding your light. This loving presence through the Blue Ray of the Mother Frequency, the Dolphin, Whales and Sirius is strengthening you. She has heard your call for home.

    Your presence is requested, required and needed as a divine gift for the planet and the Universe. Everything that happens to you along this path is a key for you to remember and to awaken in order to fully engage in this Holy Power of your Angel of Presence.
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