What the prettiest woman on Earth says 😊💖





 I’m sharing my New Years resolution 

with you since I feel the need and urgency to start this as soon as possible


. I will continue to stop choosing sides because as soon as we choose a side in any conflict,

we become part of that conflict and feeding it.


Instead I’m going to recognize all the players as universal beings of LOVE and LIGHT

and continue to focus on the alternatives and the positive.


Let’s all dream of a world full of health, prosperity and love.

Together we can dream this into existence!


Live from the heart 💫❤️







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  • Yes I did partially but the title doesn't serve any purpose but to affirm what is of illusion...and having a title to make someone read something is a trap with an specific intention of making someone read it...A truthful message doesn't need a fake title...Would it not be better to have a title that is truthful and not shallow or that it speaks truth and not enhance illusion?...It is up to the person to feel the message or title...I just go with what my heart feels not a reaction of the ego mind...I mean no disrespect with expressing what I feel in my heart...Blessings
  • Have you red what she said?
    or are you only reacting on the title?
    It's to catch your attention ( suceeded)
    Ps. I am as pretty as her 😘.
  • There is no one prettier than anyone else on Earth...That is an illusion...and a programmed belief for people to follow...In believing she is the most beautiful woman on earth is choosing a side by itself...Blessings...
This reply was deleted.

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