what needs to happen in 2013

hello everybody hope you are all doing well just thought i would make a new blog on here alot of questions have been racing through my mind as of late especially alot of when type questions and how can we make these events happen quicker or help the process here is a list of what needs to be done in 2013 yes what im gonna say is the obvious


1 the defeat of the illuminati if those guys are still around we can never end this they are getting weaker and losing ground which is a good sign


2 contact once the dark forces have been beat we need to reunite with our galactic brothers and sisters


3 the truth of what has really been going on for the last 13 millenia and our real history which our cosmic family can teach us


4 clean up the pollution that has hurt our planet


5 ascention return to full consciousness im not sure if this can happen this year or not if not this year then 2014-2015


let us hope these events happen sooner then later we have suffered long enough its time for peace and love to return to our wonderful planet

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  • #5 Ascension / Reuniting with our light body. Common thought is that ufo's and aliens or our galactic brothers are 3d  but they and there ships are higher dimensional beings and ships of light.We were that and we left that and jumped into a 3d cycle of reincarnation or the star seeds. And yes a natural evolution is to evolve towards the coming home / a reuniting with the light body. Is there a rush or an urgency? "No" it is simply the natural state of evolution for where we are on this plane. Slowly but surely or ancy for something you are not or maybe the middle path phasing into this as a natural state of being. The words "I am" are never to be mis used I am sick or I have a bad heart for they are powerful reality creators so I leave you with this  "I AM INCREASING MY LIGHT QUOTIENT, AND I AM BECOMING MORE AND MORE LIGHT FOR I AM A CRYSTALINE LIGHT BODY.I AM A 5TH DIMENSIONAL BEING AND I LIVE IN A WORLD THAT SHARES THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF LOVE, TRUTH, HONOR, FREEDOM, ABUNDANCE AND GREEN LIVING

  • Unlike our flight crews in the GFL, you are well placed upon the surface earth to make the changes required...People everywhere who have cultivated divine discontent for this current decay, have the moral duty to make a stand for freedom......Look at the "Arab Spring," as an example of people power....All can do the work needed and they do not even have to be GFL members...

  • sometimes i wish i could get in there and help you guys out it would be awesome to join you guys and help end this

  • Yes I realise that you require a news update which you can trust.....

    Apart from PAOWEB.COM.........which s the GFL official news outlet....I would also suggest keeping an eye on Max Keiser's financial commetaries, on RT....

    A recent report of interest is embedded here for your enjoyment:

  • indeed the blog is moderated my friend so no negative comments will be allowed anyways how is the operation going to end the illuminati completely over in london i believe you made a blog that said a fall in the city of london will preety much end it all

  • Selamat balik, dear friend.......Just because it's you, and because you sent me a special request to participate, I'll will happily respond and make a detour from my new year's resolution to not post on ACC discussions and blogs, as a stance against any resultant discord.... ;-)


    I do trust that this blog is usefully moderated....?? And there will be no negative reactions to my post here...??

    If there are I will withdraw my focus again....


    As you know, there are many events that continue behind the scenes and our star family are contacting multiple starseeds......Including my very own beloved Soulmate, whom everyone here knows, very well indeed... ;-)


    So things are afoot and as we all know, the PTB seek to present a "business as usual" facia, for public consumption....which alas, is but a front and holds no true value...


    If we look around at this reality matrix, with open eyes, mind and hearts, we will ALL see that something is falling appart at the seams....The finance & political sytems, especially, but also the environment....Which would be a conclusion of correctness.....Indeed, the very culture and materialist civillisation are ending and morphing into something new...something more suitable for a raising conscious and growing divine discontent..


    It truly is in need of a global facelift, which is being prepared and note that the new systems of finance and political reforms legalities are secretly in place, and only awaiting the right divine time, as stipulated by this planet's local Hierarchy of Ascended Masters.....and their human initiates within our Earth Ally organisations and our secret sacred societies...

    What is sought is that the many people, who would normally accept the slavish conditions of austerity, placed upon them by the failures of the current order, instead demand a new approach, that takes the real needs of the many into account....and not just the nterests of the elites, as has been the case for far too long.....Indeed, thirteen millennia....


    I agree that people have suffered long enough, but must remind all that suffering is a choice which can be negated by each soul incarnated....We can each choose not to suffer, as we each have power, in spite of any illusions to lower (victim) status we may mistakenly buy into..


    So we are EACH responsible for re-arranging the furniture, as it were....We can ALL play our parts in this process and nobody should consider themselves mere passengers on this sacred voyage towards a new Star Nation......


    I thank you for your very special invitation to contribute to your moderated blog....which, should remain largely unmolested by trolls, following our recent coup against one major culprit, now removed from ACC.....and his many "other" supporters...


    Selamat gajun akanowai dajoie....!!


    Drekx Omega, Cmdr, GFL Ground Crew, Eastern England sector.


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