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Some people might wonder what astral sex is. So let me explain what astral sex is. Some unwakened people would find it wierd and some brainwashed christians and even other brainwashed  religion bealivers would find it desturbing and descusting! For me, astral sex is just a nother type of sex! You can have astral sex with a spirit,twin flame,soulmate,aliens (they are not aliens for me, i call them highly spiritual advanced star people) and even a human from miles away. But it requiers that both persons are devine,that will say highly spiritual. Astral sex will not work if a tinyest bit of darkness excist within you. That means eny form of fear,doubts etc. To be able to experience astral sex you need to clear all of your darkness and work with your inner devine light, love,harmony,passion,hapiness and everything else that comes with the love of god.

It is kind of hard to explain what astral sex is for people to truly understand this, they would need to experience it them selfs. When soulmates, twin flames gets conected they most likely start to have astral sex, if they are not togeter fysically at that point! I have also found out that most starsees surely will experience this wonderful phenomenon with astral sex, including people that is conected with their starfamilies and twin flames. Other will allso bee able to experience this amazing phenomena when their devine light gets stronger and start to bee fully awaken. But your partner needs to bee fully awaken as well otherwise it will not work...Astral rex is simply sex between souls, you could say! Astral sex strenhtens the bond extremly deeply.

Astral sex you can have in visions or even when you are fully awake. I have had astral sex with my beloved meny times and it is as amazing and intence. Meny times when I have had astral sex in visions I have woken upp and I am still feeling that I have or had multiple of orgasms. Sometimes, or more often I can feel that my twin flame is seducing meby giving this seducive vibbs that penetrates into my head fills my body and lands stright into my heart. An intence sexual,sensual feeling that fills my heart and suddenly my heart shows me what wibbs he gives me in vission flashes. It is like having real sex even if the partner is not there fysically with you at the moment! He/she can bee on the other side of the planet or as mine upp in one of the GLF motherships.

Naturally it also depends how the partner look at sex. Some look at sex like something that you just do once or twice a week and noting so special. Some have have sex more often and some has sex to something holy! Some star people like the pleiadeans look at sex as something holy and as life itselfe. Plus that sex strengthens the bomd between the cuple. This starpeople are extremly sensual and sexual,thus they do not abuse sex like some sort of game,sex is holy for them witch I mentioned in a nother blog. Like I said depending on your soulmate,twinflames and partners sex wiev and activness in sex it will bee shown clarely how often you have astral sex. The same way as it shows fysically when it comes fysical sex. Astral sex is like having fysical sex but the only difference, it is sex between souls. Fantastic way to have sex when your partner is not fysically there with you at the moment. As long as you wait for his/her return or as long as you wait to bee reunited with him/her!

That was a little about astral sex from my very own experience! Wish you all that you someday will bee able to experience Astral sex, it is simply amazing! This guy in this video I think can explain it a little bit beter! Enjoy!

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Comment by Moanna on April 1, 2015 at 2:32am

Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 31, 2015 at 12:29pm

Universal Mother, you should not have sex with anyone else than your twin flame. You should not even have sex or even astral sex with your soul mate. Because twin flame and soul mate is two different things dear. Sould mates we have a lot of. A soul mate is just what it refers to, a friend of the soul. I do not support the term sex friends...cause like you said dear, you should only have sex with your souls other half, your twin flame and non other... :)

Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 15, 2012 at 7:52am

Ja Ashtari: Sounds like you might have found your twin flames. Twin flames have the tendensy to show themselfes in visions and astral. If you feel conected with her, drawn to her like a magnet and intence and endless love for her, then she is defenitely your twin flame. Took me meny years to realise that my twin flame was my twin flame. And the firerly intence love we share with eachother is so great and amazing that I can´t describe it eny beter that it is heavenly! Never loved enyone this intence and deeply that I love my twin flame and he feels the same for me. So when you mentined that girl you have seen in vision and astral I started to see the possibility that she is infact your twin flame. Only you know that for sure! But it sounds to me that she might actually bee your twin flame. My twin flame started visiting me in visions alredy when I was 10 years of age, second time when I was 29, when he also confessed his eternal love for me. But I was stuborn I had a man alredy then and I am no cheater...That relationship ended and beginning of this year he came again in my visions. He was sitting on his favorite place near the watherfall. I finaly realised who he was and we conected and we have had relationship after that. I have been with him near the watherfall meny times after that. It is a realy gordeous place. I have to say I have never felt so happy and joyfull in my life and so intencly loved by eny man here on earth than the love that comes from my twin flame! Both of uss are so very happy together...well the way it is allowed at the moment till the end of this year! Everyone have their mission to complete, starseeds, lightworkers,channelers and so even GFL. But soon everyone will bee able to reunite with their loved once, starfamilies,twin flames and soulmates! What an amazing time we are living in! :D Can´t wait to reunite with my twin flame, end of this years seems pretty far a head right now... :D *Giggles*

Comment by Michael on March 15, 2012 at 4:25am

sex is sex~love making is Love making..............One Self must decide what is good and right for personal development of mastery of LIGHT & Peace.............well at least on personal level,

Comment by J Ash on March 15, 2012 at 1:04am

Thanx for sharing this! its so acurate ans awesome.i have been dreaming(and doing other things) on the astral of this meetings with a dark haired, Blue/green eyed girl for a few years and we had a relationship on this Etheric i met someone who is eactly like the one on the dream...even the feeling was the yes, it works!


I even had some people from past relationships thrying to invade my space..that would be the down side of being open to energies and contacts, but the good times are worth it :-)






Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 14, 2012 at 10:58pm

arun: Yes, I should say so! :)

Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 14, 2012 at 10:06pm

Johnny: That is GREAT! Fantastic feeling is it not! :D

1 darkstar: Oh that did not sound to nice! Did you end up with someone that liked little to rough arstral sex! Dos not sound nice at all. Sorry to hear that my friend...

Comment by 1 darkstar on March 14, 2012 at 9:53pm

I had astral sex with a guy once - and it HURT! 

Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 14, 2012 at 7:53pm

Altea: I might bee an angel,but I can bee naughty! ;D hahahaha!

Comment by Archeia Luciela on March 14, 2012 at 2:43pm

That is right Kelly! ;)



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