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Most stories of those that have experienced NDE’s, near death experiences say the same thing; they are always given a choice. 

My first NDE  happened in 1952 and I stood outside my body, lying on the gurney.  I had a body and could see and hear all that was taking place but they could not see nor hear me.  This is the astral body that astral travelers use while the physical body is in bed asleep.

I’ve seen the reflection of my astral body in the wall of the ship and I look very young, similar to how I looked at a much younger age.  Walking with Val he’s been asked if I were his daughter.

In the 1952 experience as I stood looking at my body and what they were doing, a shaft of whitish golden light came down beside me and a beautiful Angel lady with long dark hair offered me to go with her up in the light or go back to my body and live on this level longer.

This communication is not audible but silent yet as clear as audible.  It is what I call “heart telepathy” and the way I hear both Val and Donn though it is not a thought in my head it is actual one on one communication and also not the same as what they mean by mental telepathy here on the planet.  It is hard to explain unless you can do it. I have no idea why I can other than I was born with the ability or taught it when small on the ship of the one I call, “Pop”.  I just know I can do it and have been told by two different military officers I was the best telepath their service ever met. I’m not saying that to brag on me but to make clear I am known by military/government as a good telepath and one in connection with a high commander well known to them as this is important part of my story of my recent bout with death.

It was two nights prior to the night of my birthday, November 7th, I lay down on my bed and could hear the drone of what seemed to be a helicopter or plane air docked somewhere overhead.  It was not a loud noice but a very real one yet nothing in the house was making it, it seemed directly overhead in the sky.  I began to feel a vibration on the bed, both the bed was actually slightly vibrating as well as a vibration going through my body.  I felt it a few moments and a fear came over me and I knew it was not good so I got up and went in the other room and slept in my recliner the rest of the night.

What came to me was what happened to Dr. Greer and his Associate he said was some type Government technology that gave them both cancer.  I did not read what type feeling they had but that is what first came to my mind when I felt the energy vibration going through my body.  I could hear Val yelling at me to get up get out of the room and I did.

The same thing happened the next night.  The third night I went to hospital, my daughter called 911 as I could not breathe.  The medics told my daughter it was NOT a heart attack and they did not understand why I could not breathe but did not think it was heart attack and my oxygen was at 0.  The hospital later called in a heart attack and I was unconscious for four days and awoke on the Friday after my birthday.  I have not been home long and going to be fine.

Did I make the choice to stay? Yes, very clear to me as I only remember the medics putting an oxygen mask on me and I still could not get my breath .  I could see Donn clearly to my left standing with a white body suit and red corded sash around his waist similar to the Karate clothing. He said, “Are you checking out on  me? You’re all I’ve got”.  I thought this was my decision which way am I going and I do know his teachings are an important part of the ascension process at this time so I said hesitatingly, “no”…. and I survived.  We always have a choice but most in severe pain with terminal illnesses decide to move on.

I also had some experiences which unconscious as astrally I was on the ships and we discussed my work here.  Val realizes it was over him that it happened and actually at this time he is not directly involved in the planet Earth’s activities.  He has moved to Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command, Altair Division, as High Commander in charge of operations.  In this work he is not directly involved with Earth in any way.  He wanted me to make that very clear as we all definitely suspect foul play in my situation. 

We have one other suspicion as to the cause of the strange vibrations. It is possible a group of renegade aliens that did not like my writings for Cmdr Thor that has written concerning them in the past. 

I’ve been in excellent health and the incidents preceding my emergency situation happened, and was something I definitely felt.  For that reason Cmdr Val Thor has asked I make clear he is no longer giving any official messages and our writings will be of a spiritual or informative type about the Universe, the dimensions and technology of Altair on the Ashtar Command Crew site and I have turned my own site to Ministry writings and teachings of Donn Thor..

Patti Spencer (Valana)

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Comment by amparo alvarez on December 11, 2017 at 5:15am

Yes he did and now they have someone by the name Nicolas Maduro since 2013...He is a tyrant and is backed up by this country... People are really suffering in Venezuela...

Comment by Valana on December 11, 2017 at 4:48am

Yes, that's it... did he die?When  Frank Stranges died, Val wrote he didn''t die he was murdered.

Comment by amparo alvarez on December 11, 2017 at 12:55am


Comment by Valana on December 11, 2017 at 12:47am

Thank you, dear one.  I know it was as I've never felt that before and it was energy and not good...that's why Val wanted to make clear he is not going to say more about the situations he does not agree with as before...actually he is not now involved as he wa promoted to Headquarters few years ago and has not been giving much information at all...however, I started my Eagleshaven, site back up and was posting "Strolling Down Memory Lane With Val" and I think that is the cause so I took it down...the story not my site as it's mostly spiritual and brining religions together, I have such a sweet Muslim man that is telling what they really believe which is so different rhan we hear here from Chrisitan Ministers... the Muslims fear the terrorists more than we do as they want to kill all the descendants of Muhammad and this gentleman on my site kis a direct descendant and fears the terrorists. 

Noreiga was Panamanian President years ago and I think died in Florida prison or about to... he was CIA until they tossed him overboard and we went down and took over his country and put him in prison... that was a weird case...I heard about that one in Venzuela, too, and also they gave Dr Greer and his associate cancer which killed her but he surived... Val sees no reason they should bother me more as I have a right to life and happiness here and my work not done as far as my ministry which is mostly what I do on my site but I will put Val's writings about the universe, dimensions and technology they have, things of that nature here that is not in regard to anything on the planet... he wanted me to make clear we were out of business as far as his comments on Governments therefore they should leave me alone to live rest of my life in peace..I was 87 Nov 7th and woke up Friday and asked daughter was it my birthday and was in ICU and said it was four days ago..I was out all that time thankfully while they breathed for me and I was very critical only God brought me back...I am thankful to be alive...

Love you and I'll try to check out your posts later, not doing much at all now.

Comment by amparo alvarez on December 11, 2017 at 12:11am

Thank you for sharing Valana and welcome back...I think and believe that what happened to you is being caused by the government...They did that to Noriega. I think that is his name (the previous president of Venezuela)...Most people bought into the lies that he was a bad president...but he cared for his people....Now you don't hear any bad news about the present one in power even dough he is starving his people...Wonder why? The answer is obvious...One member of my family was there in Venezuela one year ago and when she came back she decided to send food and certain items to the family she stayed with...They are really suffering in that country...Yet, how many of us know the truth? There is so much disinformation out there...This government keeps sending guerrillas or paying to maintain them to stir problems in countries where it is in their best interest to control them...They have something to gain, economically and politically...Blessings and much LOVE to you and yours...


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