Have you followed someone from an blog site in order to attack and harass someone?

Have you made several attempts to instigate and provoke confrontations?

Have you manipulated several people to join forces with you without their knowing?


We are looking to suitable candidates for our Worker of the Light positions!   Some of our qualifications includes:

Having a pompous attitude

Must be able to jump in any post and sabotage it

Must be able to log in all day and type comments and post pictures

Must be able to host archangels in your home and brag about it

Must claim to received the Christ Consciousness and still to deplorable actions

Must post pictures and make sly remarks and suggestions of homosexuality

Must be willing to seek out and accept all praises in front of everyone...and more...

Still don't see if you qualify?  Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  What are some ways to sabotage a post?

A:  One way is to make between 1 to 3 short sentences and click reply.  Wait one minute.  Click on the reply button of the comment you just made and make another short comment and click reply again.  Repeat this 5 to 6 times before anyone else can reply to your comments.  You can then cover almost the entire page with only your comments.  Do this throughout the post and you can sabotage any post with your comments.

Q:  What are some ways to instigate a person into a hostile confrontation?

A:  One way is to always answer his questions or comments with "I love you, I feel your sorrow".  You don't really love him, of course, just trying to antagonise him by repeating it over and over.  This strategy works on some,  but not on others, and they can see thur our little ruse.

Q:  What happens when they do see thur our scheme?

A:  Make out a false harassment claim.

Q:  Help!  A person has found out that I am a false worker of the light and he is going to tell everyone!  What do I do?

A:  Quickly, make as many posts as possible.  Join in other posts and make as many comments as you can.  Try to talk to as many people on the site as you can and establish a connection and make friends.  Once the truth of who you are comes out, people will rush in to defend your status.  You sit back, deny everything and act like you did nothing wrong and have other people come to your aid.  This is one of our most successful manipulation techniques and have served many of our Worker of Light employees over the years.  The people at these sites have no idea they are being played.  A fool-proof plan.  

Q:  There are a few people that see that I am a false worker of the light and are speaking out.  What now?

A:  We supply you with a array of pictures of a gnome showing his ass and post it in their reply window.  This is a good deterrent from people gaining more momentum of revealing who you are.  You don't want the fact that you are a fake worker of the light to continue to spread and revealing the truth.

Q:  I sent hateful and vulgar comments to manipulate a person against someone I am attacking.  Do I qualify?

A:  Yes, you definitely qualify!  Good job!  Be sure to have someone post pictures after you so it falls to the bottom and off-screen so people won't see it.

Q:  I have been making a lot of posts and making announcements in order to receive praises.  Do I qualify?

A:  Yes, you qualify.

Q:  I made a lot of posts, but no one will reply or make any comments on them.  What should I do?

A:  Start making replies to yourself in order to gain attention.  Have 1 or 2 more people add comments and pictures.  The other people in the site will see the number of replies and wonder what's going on.  Then you will start getting noticed and people will want you in their discussions.  This is another great manipulative technique and works wonders!

Q:  I hosted archangels in my home.  Do I qualify?

A:  Only if you bragged and posted about it in order to gain attention, praise and followers.  You can even say you received messages from them and make them up.  You have no ideal how simple and easy it is to fool people.  Just act as if you know what you are talking about and they will believe anything you say, without question, doubt or proof.

Q:  Why do you have to seek attention, praise, worship and followers?  Doesn't it say in the bible not to seek worship or praise? 

A:  We do this because of ego.  We are service-to-self driven and focused on manipulating others. 

Q:  Why is it easy to manipulate them?

A:  Because most people in the spiritual community are "light and love" minded people and accept you for what you are, without judgments or prejudice, thus making it easy pickings to infiltrate a spiritual community and sabotage it from the inside.  Many sites have been compromised by this.  There are a few exceptions where there were some that stood up to our many lies and schemes.  Be on guard for these people.

Q:  Who are they?

A:  These are people that question all information that comes in and asks for proof instead of believing everything that comes in.  They use their Analytical Mind and Deductive Reasoning and break down the lies, deceptions and manipulations we carry out.  They stand at the gate and will not let us pass.  You have them in every site and they are our greatest threat to taking over a spiritual community.  Do not engage these people for any reason as they can expose you with seemly ease.  Nothing slips by them and are considered extremely dangerous!

Q:  What do we do if confronted by these people?

A:  Lucky, the "light and love" minded people consider these people to be negative, trying to put people down, harassing them.  Pretend like you are being harassed and only stating your opinion.  Others will rush to your aid and defend you.  Stay clear of these people and work on those who are easily controlled. 

Q:  What if we have more questions?

A:  You can contact us at support@fake worker of light.com

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  • Light of Wisdom, you are as you name implies...shinning the light of wisdom for all to see, observe and learn.  Yes, for a moment, I had forgotten about Atlantis and it was taken over from the inside. 

    You can accept people but that does not mean to drop your guard against deception and manipulation in it's many forms, by heart, mind or spirit.  

    You can win a fight on a battlefield, but it's the unseen forces that will win the war.  That type of battle can infiltrate any nation with no resistance.  The only recognition to these types of warfare is thur Spiritual Awareness, as you mentioned earlier about Pisces. 

    But a lot of people don't have that type of awareness and fall to these schemes without realizing it or being aware of it.  Unless people are made aware of it's presence, they cannot combat it.  Then, it's a whole new ball game.  Announcing it's presence to everyone puts them on alert, where before, people, blindly, dropped their guard and accepted people with open arms, now their minds are on guard and on the lookout for these deceptions.  The battle is won once this happens.  Any lie, scheme or manipulation, once recognized, is stopped in it's tracks for entering your being.  You are on guard, this point on.  It is saved and filed within your consciousness and when any future attempts of such action occurs, it will come to the surface of your being as a past experience you have mastered. 

    Thank you again for you input and as always, your comments are welcomed. 

  • Excellent posts everybody.

    Darryl big up for putting balance in here. Casting the looking glass upon that which many seek to ignore. (This is how Atlantis was infiltrated, too much love - not enough wisdom. Wisdom is not advanced knowledge, which they had plenty of, it is far more.)

    I think the whole thing can summed up very nicely in the following: Observe (illuminate) but do not judge (condemn).
    I have observed that there is an almost non-existant border between them. So it is very easily crossed. And cross it many of us do, at a place where it is difficult to tell which is which, the place where they meet, become each other. Some are far from the border, polarized highly toward judgment. While others are trying to maintain their presence within the non-condemnatory side of observation.

    Judgment is one's attachment to a lack of love, you see it and you want to define someone/something through it.
    Observation (in this case) is the illumination of the lack of love without being attached to it. Knowing that that very state has a time for being and a divine purpose for being. Ie, merely expressing it and then moving on. If you start to fight for it this would be ego coming into play, your attachment to it/wanting to be right.

    Once truth is illuminated (within or externally), it becomes self-evident for those who observe it further within themselves. It needs no one to fight for it any further, as all can not be fooled any more.
    It becomes general knowing, wisdom for all. A lesson learned. They should be joyously sought out, not suppressed. It is for the benefit of all.

    It is very important to express observation to all, no matter how distorted from unconditional love it may be. Pure observation requires acceptance of all, without lifting a finger, that is pure unconditional love.
    Judgment is a whole another story and if it is expressed, a well tuned spiritual community will pick up on it immediately. They will seek observe one judging, they will not seek to judge the one judging.
    And they will leave it at that. So that the person themselves may once again reach within and seek to work on their mind/body/spirit complex.

    Because duality continues to go way past our reality here, in a more refined form, polarities do continue to exist. So it is really important to keep illuminating them.
    A service to others community allows for all to exist, to manifest, to express itself in order for it to learn. It limits nothing. Personal responsibility and balance are the focus.

  • Thank you for your support!  Much appreciated!  :)

  • Giddebol, there is a saying:  "In order for evil to win, good must do nothing."  If you decide to allow evil to spread, you are just as guilty as the evil itself.  And there are those that will stand up and protect against it.  A person that comes to another site and attacks, smears, sends hateful comments, devise multiple schemes in order to harass, instigate confrontations, makes multiple replies to disrupt a post, makes homosexual remarks, and much more, and then, later on, claims to be a worker of the light and have received the Christ Consciousness as got to be one of the biggest con artist since Greg Giles!!!  There is no known spiritual being that does these deplorable actions and then claims he works for God when I told him that I was going to post his actions to the Ashtar Command Community!  And then start making post after post in order to make himself look good, gather followers to disprove my info.  This is manipulation at it's best and you're observing it right now.  Believe what you will, that totally up to you.  The 5th Dimensional Energies will also expose frauds as well and Peter K.'s time is just about over.  I stand by my convictions as I always stand, in the light, and no one will try to convince me otherwise.   Please review your conclusions.  Thank you.  

  • To Giddebol, I understand what you are saying.  You are right and I will add this to it:

    There are those of us that will not accept lies and false persona's to run rampant in our community.  There are those of us that will expose evil everywhere, no matter what the criticism or backlash it brings us.  There are those that will stand up for justice, alone, against a thousand, if need be.  There are those that will speak out, even if it is not the most popular action to take.  You do not know the roles of people as they are played out, as you admit.  Therefore, you do not have the right to tell me or anyone how to dictate our actions if we feel spirit is leading us to act.  Trust in yourself and see how this will play out.  Perhaps, Peter K. actions were meant to do this and to be exposed in order to show people and to become more aware of such deceptive actions.  Thank you for your discussion and I hope more people would benefit from it.

  • Dear Nancy, thank you for your comment.  Last week, I had a discussion with Peter K. to let him explain his actions.  I was met with another lie.  The funny thing about it is, I meditated on Peter K. to let Spirit tell me if he was really sincere in that discussion.  He was not and his false response proved Spirit was correct.  Afterwards, he mocked my connection with spirit with reverse sarcasm, like he always does.  I can now post with full confidence of who he is, his actions and his intent.  And those are not of the light of God.  You can look at the discussion as it begins here:  


    Please read it when you can, Nancy and for Devi as well.  Thanks again for your comment.

  • Many Blessings to you, Darryl, I come in love and light.

    The thing is this:  this person that you seem to want to expose - he has a journey of his own.  None of us knows his true purpose or why he is here.  Perhaps for good or evil - this person must play out his own role.  Perhaps he brought something here from a past lifetime, perhaps he setting the stage for some future event that must take place, only the Divine knows for sure.  

    As far as tricking thousands, we all know that we must use discernment and discretion.  These are perilous times for those newly awakened who seek information.  And yet again, they must seek their own path.  This is why it is so important to look for the syncronicites within our daily lives, why we must ask for help from our guides.  We all come to the information and knowledge that we need in the time that is meant for us.  This is not for us to decide.

    I leave you in love and light.

  • I understand what you are saying, Giddebol.  And you are right.  This person do say he is of the light but act in the manners of the dark and that is what we expose here.  By shining the light on his actions, he cannot fool or manipulate anyone and his actions will be seen as such now everyone knows it.  I am not dishing out punishment and if you want to see what manipulation and lies do to people, see Greg Giles messages starting from June of this year.  He has tricked thousands of people worldwide.

  • Oh my gosh!  This blog is not the blog of a lightworker.  A true lightworker does not judge, nor does he take it upon himself to dole out punishment.  Ever.  That is the work of another – and He/She does not share that power with anyone.  Period. 

    We are not here to expose anyone.  If there is a problem with someone who says they are of the light yet act in manners of the dark – the Light will take care of it.  The truth will always prevail.  Where is the tolerance, where is the love? Is this the energy that we wish to bring into the Ascension of Gaia? Our New World?

    In love and light.

  • My pleasure, One!

This reply was deleted.

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