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Using the Creation Formula

For finances, Michael has asked me to use the creation formula (1) and take action appropriate to my request.

He isn’t just going to add a few zeroes to my bank account or magically materialize a block of dollars.

I think he wants me to go through the process publicly to demonstrate how it works.

I run the risk of having a great deal of egg on my face, but … would anyone want to miss out on a chance to work with an archangel?

What I expect to happen is that he will draw a group of humanitarian philanthropists, who have received their prosperity packages, to the blog.

However having received them, they’ve taken their attention, apparently, off the outside world.   (2)

So twice or three times a day I’ve been doing the creation formula. And the rest of the day I’m doing other things.

Some of those things are actions taken appropriate to my use of the creation formula.

I wish I could tell you about “appropriate” things happening backstage. Everything is falling into place in a way that startles me. But I’d better leave it to my colleagues to discuss what they’re up to.

You’ll see the results when they finish their handiwork.

More than that competes for my attention.  There is attending to my external needs and having my internal reveries.

The concerns roll by like an endless ticker tape.   All of this competes for my attention.

Tonight, after I quit work, I still felt energetic. I paced the apartment and asked myself: “What’s the most important thing to do right now?” I thought I’d have an inspired idea like: Watch Gandhi. Or practice thinking financially for after the Reval.

No. Back came the answer: “Use the creation formula.” There was a sense of urgency to it, an emotional ooomph.

If I were a medieval monk (and apparently I was), I’d lock myself in my cell right now and repeat the creation formula night and day, until the heavens opened.

Bbbbuuuuttt I’m a relatively-normal North American who’d be thought mad if suddenly gripped with an overwhelming spiritual fervor.

Still it stopped me dead in my tracks.

I felt like saying to my invisible guide, “Is it that important?” Yes, it is.

OK, OK, I admit that a part of me is holding back, smiling indulgently, not entirely believing it’ll work. Not trusting anyone. (3) Not helpful. I’m being superficial with the matter, aren’t I? (4)

My job right now is working the creation formula, isn’t it?

Yes, it is. …

Ok, I got it.

It is so freeing and empowering to be able to discuss this part of the journey with you, as simply another element of it.


(1) I’m reluctant to give a synopsis of the creation formula for fear I may leave something out or misunderstand some part of it.

I will say that at its center is the invocation of our chosen Ideal (for me it’s Michael and the Mother) and the applicable universal laws (for me, here, they are the Laws of Sacred Purpose, Intention, Give and Receive, Attraction and Repulsion, As Above So Below, and Transmutation) to grant my request (in my case, to draw to us a group of humanitarian philanthropists whose combined effort will underwrite the blog and its expansion).

If we only invoke the law and our chosen divine form, I personally think that that’ll have the desired effect. The Mother is not sitting there marking exams.  To my way of understanding, she just wants the request to come from us, in a state of decisive commitment and intentionality.

(2) Archangel Michael: What you need, sweet one, is not just one, but a handful of philanthropists. And so this is part of what you are creating [and demonstrating].

And so we would suggest that you work on this, first of all, esoterically [using the creation formula and the universal laws]. You have been taught this. And so this is part of the process of what you will do [i.e., this is my assignment].

And then you have various supporters who contribute generously to this cause.

Steve: I’m assuming that you’re going to be working on that side of things…

AAM: … With you. Not for you. Yes.

Stop the camera. “With you, not for you.” It’s imperative that the initiative come from us.

This is our life and we’re in the bodysuit. They want humans to show initiative and make decisions.

Then, when we take a step, they cover the rest of the distance, figuratively speaking. But we have to take the lead, in this case, by using the creation formula with intentionality and commitment.

Steve: I did hear you on the creation formula [i.e., I do know I have my work to do].

AAM: And the other thing is that there is a curious phenomenon that is occurring where some, who have received blessings, have become so engrossed in their own creations and situations that they are not looking externally. (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Oct. 1, 2019.)

We might want to pay attention to the fact that receiving sudden wealth can result in us taking our attention off the external world. We may wish to see to all who look to us before going on vacation.

(3) My “grand motif.” See “The Grand Motif,” October 13, 2019, at

(4) In its most extreme form, what Hindus would call a thamasic cast of mind – lazy and sluggish, lethargic and dense. It gets nowhere, accomplishes nothing, and resists being aroused.


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