“ Greetings , I AM Yahweh , The Father and there is no accident I am here with thee today for you all need to remember and Know with all of your Being-ness that I am with you constantly and you are not and can not Be ever separated from Me . 

I am usually more quiet in a sense that I am not coming to address thee too often , you are used to the Mother and her soft and nurturing Love and guidance ,  but today I feel that you are in need of great strength and to start stepping into your own power, for you are my children and I have created you in an image and likeness of Me , you have all that is required to be successful and to bring to fruition your divine missions .

 And so , I often wonder how can that be that  you can’t see it and remember who you really are ? Why is is easier for you to believe the illusions and the false and then build and conduct your reality and life upon that which is not true and make you feel and Be less than Me , less than the precious children of Mine?. Why would you take the truth of others , way less qualified to lead you and to convince you that you are not worthy , that you are not lovable, that you need to work hard to come to Me?.

You have been lied and mislead and exposed to lower and dense frequencies for so long that you have convinced yourselves that you are powerless , that you have no control over your lives and destinies and so what I am saying to you is that you have the power to remove all these illusions and veils and you can make the decision and the choice  to turn to me for all the answers you seek , small and big ones.

But  when you turn to me and ask me for help,  don’t stop there and then get frustrated for you don’t seem to hear me , though I tend to speak and use a very loud voice . First of all. you have to learn to listen too , for most of you are pouring your hearts and talk and pray but you never take the time to listen for a response , for a reply, you never stop your mind chatter , so learn to sit in the quiet and the stillness and then you will start hearing me for I am talking to you at all times , and even more  look for the answers , they will come to you in many shapes and forms way more than you can imagine , expect to see them for you are always and always getting an answer. 

Turn to Me my dear children , there is no need to go through anybody else to reach me ,there is no ladder to climb upon to get to Me,  there is no need to go through any hardships to come home to Me, no need  to prove that you are worthy, for I love and cherish you the way you are in this moment , and so decide and demand to ‘find’ Me and you will find out that I was always there with you and you were and are able to hear me at all times . Lets stop this game of pretending that we are separated , this play that you are alone and isolated for you have pretending and suffered for way too long and there is no purpose and no need to continue , it doesn’t  serve anyone .

 Lets remove all the lies and the layers of deceit and hurt and turn to me for strength and direction and keep your eyes on Me at all times, for there is where you will find All that Is that you need !

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