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The ‘Contact Us’ for this blog has been helpful for gaining insight into how the Lightworker Community has been faring. As mentioned previously, it’s an honor to receive messages from folks just trying to understand what’s going on.

We’re all tasked with navigating these Sacred Days as best we can while maintaining an overlit and loving presence on the planet.

Recently we heard from a self-described Millennial who wrote in with sincere gratitude for the GAoG Community, saying he would have ‘fallen long ago’ without it. My own daughter is in the same age group, yet both seem to be of a far different mindset than what’s been portrayed about the Millennials and how people see them.

Like so many of us, this reader’s been working on himself for years to raise his vibration, let go of vasanas and limiting beliefs, and realize the Love that’s within himself and everyone else. He’s seen tremendous personal progress and has been doing his best to hold the vision for a New Earth.

You can imagine what’s coming next because we all feel it…

We grow weary.

We grow weary of this world and its seemingly endless problems, continuously transmuting personal and collective traumas and having to work every day in a potentially unsatisfying job just to maintain existence here.

We’re even feeling quite done with hearing that changes are coming ‘soon’ ~ although we do know in our bones that it’s true. How then, to survive in the interim? It’s especially difficult when one has no other to discuss spiritual matters with.

By his own admission, waiting for change to happen isn’t serving him. Putting our creative muscles to good use and taking action on our own behalf holds a far greater benefit than waiting does.  Yet still, we may feel lost, alone and confused…unable to gather the steam to take any action.

We deal with the up-and-down of one day feeling at peace with ourselves, and the next, experiencing random anxiety about the state of our lives, the world and our loved ones. It’s draining, to say the least. In the worst cases, we beat ourselves up for all the things we don’t do or haven’t gotten accomplished.

In response to these thoughts that quite possibly all of us can relate to, I pointed out that right now, energetically and astrologically, things have literally never been more intense for us. Through it all, though, I’m sincerely grateful to have the information that I do. Imagine not being aware of Ascension at all, or of the presence of our Galactic friends and family.

We have the advantage of knowing that our weird symptoms – including feeling as though there’s no solid ground under our feet – relate to the shift and will eventually stabilize.

We must care for our bodies so that they’re strong enough to withstand the constantly rising frequencies. We do grow weary, even so. World news is dreadful, and it’s challenging to see much of it as positive.

The thing is that people have been perpetrating heinous crimes on Earth for a very long while. We’re only now finding out about certain very hard-to-digest things because we’ve shifted enough to be able to take in that information without being triggered into inappropriate reactions of a lower vibration.

Alternative news sources offer insight to a great deal (but definitely not all) of what’s been happening, and the picture that’s emerging is not at all pretty. We have to know where we’ve been in order to change anything. The key for us in embracing our Mastery and what we’re here to accomplish is to adjust our perceptions a bit and gain some altitude…see things from a higher, big-picture kind of perspective.

Matthew through Suzy Ward has often reminded us that everyone chooses their own soul path. Those whose lives have been ended prematurely outside of their agreement are offered choices not afforded to others, but everyone is taken care of on the other side.

In that Light, it perhaps becomes easier to practice non-attachment when contemplating the situations that other people are living through.

These times are intense, and we need to see to our own development and let go of focusing on the horrors of this world. Prayer works, and it isn’t ours to direct how they’re answered.

I’ll admit that I’ve lived my life in trust mode for lots of years now. I’m grateful that my daughter and I have always had what we need, and my mantra has been that we always will.

It’s wearing thin though, I must say, to go month to month not actually knowing tangibly that we’ll be covered. Like this reader and so many others, somehow we do know it’ll be okay. We don’t get to see the how, and letting go of the need for that can be a toughie.

Maybe the truth of it simply is that Humanity is in the grinder right now. Lower 4D entities, having recently been made homeless (because cleanup truly IS happening) are flying loose and looking for a place to land. We do the clean-up work with them at night while we sleep.

I had a vision the other day that negative thought forms are randomly flying through the air, and if they come in contact with a receptive site in our field it starts an awful, downward-spiraling thought process that helps no one.   Once again, “No, thank-you” is the phrase that pays.

P.S. ~ If you wish to contact this reader, send your message through “Contact Us” and I’ll forward it.

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