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Transmuting & Transcending Negative/False Programs

The following is the mantra/prayer/affirmation I have been given to help one to realign with their eternal divine blue prints/templates and to assist in the transmuting and transcending through all negative/false programs back into our divine perfection and highest potentials.
In loving service ...

"I merge my heart with the heart of the Eternal Sacred Source/the Infinite Creator of All That Is. I merge my heart with the eternal organic cosmic mother, the eternal organic cosmic father and the eternal cosmic child in perfect balance, wholeness and divine perfection. I merge my heart with the heart of Mother Earth creating a clear channel for the Eternal Organic Living Creational Codes, Divine Blue Prints and Organic Templates to be restored into their full and highest divine perfection within me, through out humanity and here upon Earth. I join in service with the Eternal Living Legions of Love in Service for the highest good and betterment of all life & creation. Help me, Help Humanity to transmute, transcend all negative consciousness programs, all reverse or high-jacked programs and the negative consciousness grid. Returning all back into it's true organic divine perfection promoting spiritual awareness & conscious evolution through love.

Help me to clear, cleanse and transmute all illusions and false programs within myself, to raise my consciousness and living light/love quotients back into my highest potential and divine perfection. I take back my power and authority embracing my divinity and all that I am.

Please assist humanity, mother earth and all life within this reality to return to their eternal organic divine templates and divine blue prints in alignment with the eternal organic cycles of creation. Transcending all non organic or negative programming. Transcending all distortions bringing healing, peace and balance back in accordance to the Law of One through living love. Help us to return Mother Earth to her highest potential through living love, back into her divine perfection and in harmony with the higher vibrational frequencies of our universe.

I am ready to fully awaken and return to my complete and wholeness merging my divine masculinity, my divine femininity and my divine child in perfect balance within my heart and the heart of the eternal sacred source/infinite creator of all, in service through love.

The time is now to lift the veils and move our planet and reality back into a state of living love, living in balance, peace, joy and compassion with all life. I stand in forgiveness through all directions of time and space and I give gratitude to all the lessons of duality. Moving me into new awareness, conscious expansion and a remembrance of all that I Am! I am ready to return to my highest potential in alignment with my divine perfection beyond all limitation. To bare witness the return of Mother Earth into her highest organic potential and divine perfection through the living grace of the Eternal Sacred Source, the Infinite Creator of All That Is.

So be it! I AM All That I AM! And it is so!

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"

Much Love & Gratitude


dmfinn 2012

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