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TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Collective consciousness of dolphins and whales) Source: Site "Revival"

Hello my dear beloved children!

And now I want to tell you about the interaction of the collective consciousness of mankind and the collective consciousnesses of other living beings living on your planet.

And I want to start with the civilization of dolphins and whales, which, as you already know, are mainly in the fourth dimension.

Located in the borderline between two worlds - the third and fifth dimensions, they play a difficult role, paving the way for people to new land at the cost of their own lives.

But they do it completely consciously.

Knowing that their souls are immortal, they are not afraid to sacrifice themselves in order to show people the destructive consequences of their barbaric attitude to nature and the animal world. And the mass death of dolphins and whales across the Earth has become a prime example. Your scientists are trying to unravel the cause of this phenomenon, but in reality it is nothing more than an attempt to draw people's attention to the consumer attitude that has crossed all borders to the natural resources of the Earth. Pollution of seas and oceans with industrial and household waste is changing the entire ecosystem of the planet, and to stop this crime, thousands of dolphins and whales sacrifice their lives in the hope of awakening the collective consciousness of people.

How do they coordinate their actions?

The high level of collective consciousness of dolphins and whales allows all representatives of this civilization to communicate telepathically.

They are all connected with each other by invisible energy channels, through which information is exchanged between them.

In the same way, their abundance on Earth and their uniform distribution throughout your planet are controlled.

Why is this necessary?

All for the same reason - to help humanity in raising the level of its consciousness.

Thanks to telepathic communication, dolphins and whales are very mobile and able to quickly travel long distances in order to “quench” the accumulations of negative in their places on Earth where they arise for one reason or another with their highly vibrational energy.

They perfectly feel all energy differences.

Dolphins and whales, along with other representatives of highly developed civilizations, contribute to the anchoring of highly vibrational energies in order to maximally fill them with the collective consciousness of mankind.

And to achieve a greater effect, they try to achieve energy balance, distributing their presence on Earth in such a way as to cover the widest possible expanses of water.

This explains the amazing cases of dolphins rescuing drowning people.

Having caught in space the most powerful outbursts of the energy of fear for their lives, dolphins rush to a person in distress and try to save him with all their might.

By and large, this is exactly what is happening now and on the scale of their entire civilization.

Their collective consciousness came to the aid of the collective consciousness of mankind at the moment when people finally began to realize that they were on the verge of death.

The civilization of dolphins and whales is trying to raise the vibrations of your collective consciousness, not only pouring their own fourth-dimensional energies into it, but, sacrificing their lives, they show you on the physical plane that human civilization has crossed all boundaries of what is permissible, thereby raising your level to a new level consciousness.

Therefore, my dear ones, thank as often as possible these amazing brave creatures that live side by side with you.

Love them and protect them in every way!

We will stop here today.

The Absolute Father who loves you immeasurably spoke to you

Received March 27, 2019

Site "Revival"



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Comment by Hellen on Wednesday

Valana. the hand is visible in this video. watch the hand.

Comment by Hellen on Wednesday

  Hi Valana ( Pattie) Since you mention Whales and Dolphins there is another I species rarely seen and they exist in the deeper waters of the ocean. The sonar was used to capture the hybrid fish species I believe this the real reason why so many dolphins and whales beached themselves on the beaches. There are many tales and stories about these creatures including movies. I will post a video here to see if you can see it.

Comment by Valana (Patti) on January 14, 2020 at 12:23pm

You're right, Amparo, and what is wprse. is most of the killing is done in the name of religion  or God and because of the teachings of religions.  Only Jesus changed the belief in a God  of judgment and vengeance to a God of forgiveness and love.  That's why they killed him.  And the next step for humans is to realize they don't have to kill the body to be guilty of murder.

Jesus taught if we hold resentment or hatred in our heart against another, or iif we say or do something to harm another in any way, we have committed murder.    For instance, if we destroy someone's reputation with liesw, we are guilty of murder.  Jesus taught when we bring ourf gift to the alter and one has ought against us for what we did to them, that we should first go make it up with our brother(sister) then fcome back and offer our gift to God.

I have a lot of confidence in your spirituality as I feel it is sincere and honest. I'd ask you prfivately but my private messager won't work for some reason, I cannot send out a message but can receive one I suppose.  I'd like to ask you to settle an argument between Val and I about our new book.  Maybe it's an argument in my own mind, also, as I side with Val in one way in that we know I am going to be 90 years young in November, but there's a terfminal problem that if God does not move in a miracle way I may not make it to that date.

I really do not want to leave this plane oof existence with a legacy to my children and grand children of their mother and granny being a thief, a liar, a charlatan and a murderer of a good man 's rfeputation and if I do not make that clear in our book that is what will happen.

Ok, on the other hand it is thought that if I do that I have not forgiven.  Now I don't want to mention names of the guilty, I just want to clear my name in the book..that's what Val wants me to do, too, so we are really in agreement.  But if I do it at all, or mention it like I did here I guess and made someone mad at me again over it, not here but on my own site... I just want those that think I did something bade to know the truth that I did not but was used and I believe it was paid for by my government to destroy my Val Thor story agt my expense..I could be wrong.  

I mentioned Dr. Richard Boylan that was just one of the lies told on name rathe3r Val's name was used to do a website with lies in my name, or everyone knew at the time or thouught it was me because of the Val Thor 1950 email address and it vilified a man thatg had helped me and stoode back of my story, got me on the Ufology lecture tours, and it was absolugte lies about him, and he and Dr. Leo SWprinkle made me a real verified member of a group of Psychology Therapists that specialized in Alien abgduction and contact cases called the ACCET group and I have only a year of college as because of the assignment with Val I did not go back to school.
I just would like the world to know I did not do that website, I am not wanting to tell who did it bgugt it was full of lies I did not say them there is no finer man on earth I've ever met than Dr. Richard Boylan. I met him in person at the ACCET meetingt in Scotsdale Arizona in 1999 and he is a fine, upstanding ma n and IK have never said one worfd against him.  Now of course he accuses me of being Government Disinformation Agent which I  am not.  Now the4 person that did the web site hated him but why use me? It was to destrly my Val Thor story and destroy him at the same time.   Am I wrong or right to want to get the truth out that the website was full of lies and I never did it nor was responsible for it...

There's also gthe picturfe I was accfuse of stgealing, everyone here knowds that as it was posted forf months an d on google wikth my name, Valana Thor was a thief and I'm not... I still do not know if that picture was Val and I but to stop the fuss I gave it up, I don't see well, I'vfe said that years ago...and I believed tghe woman called Snowwhitge was a gov agent that qave me tht picture and I've never receifved evffidence from any other family member it was their relativfe, it's one woman's worfd against mine with no proof either way bugt everyone that was here knows I was acfcused of being a thief...I just wqn t to say I am nogt a thief, I don't want to die with people believing I am as I am nogt, tghat picture was given me by a woman that inferre3d she was governemtn  agent and if I was tricked I was tgricked but I stole no picturfe from anyone's website as that would be a fool to do that..I'm no fool I'd jusgt like this site gto know I never sgtold anything in my whole life.

Now it makes someone mad forf me to gtell the truth they think it's not forgtiveness, yes I've forfgiven bugt I wan t the truth known bgeforfe I leavfe this world thatg I am no gthief nor did I ever vilify one a man that did so much for me and gave me one of the greatest honors I've ever rfeceigved, to make me a real member of a group gtbhgat all the people had PhD's and Mastger's degrees but me....Dr. Richard Boylan is one of the finest men I've ever met and the website helped destroy his reputation online and I never did it butg he will hagte me to his gravfe as he believes I did. There were forged emails with my name on them and that is easy gto odo as emails will nogt hold jup in court unless they are from gthe same computer written as it's easy tgo change gthem .

Should just go in my book is my question to you? Or should I let it gto an d leave this world with the reputation of a thief and slanderer? I don't plan to mention a name of the person that did it but I just want to clear my name forf my children and grandchildren beforfe I leaqvfe tnhis world behind.  Valana Thor (Patti Spencer)

Comment by amparo alvarez on January 14, 2020 at 3:39am

We call ourselves civilized...I wonder about that...We don't respect human life either...So many killings of human beings are happening...We have a long way to go...When we do not respect ourselves we will not respect others...whether of the same kind or not...Blessings to all of you here...

Comment by 1 darkstar on January 11, 2020 at 10:20am

And to think that we kill these beautiful, intelligent creatures.

Comment by Alan on January 11, 2020 at 5:44am

Heartfelt truer words were never spoken, I thank you for your service to humanity, namaste & blessings. 

Comment by Valana (Patti) on January 7, 2020 at 4:30am

Thank you for this beautiful confirmation of our work for the "Save he Whale" movement of years ago we were so involved in.  Val said over and over the Navy high pitched sonar was destroying the nerves of the ocean mammels and perhaps they listened to him again.

Now whaling, which Japan started again, must be stopped.  The whale and dolphin soundings steady

the plates and if they become extinct, violent earthquakes such as the world has never seen will occur.

Thank you again, Amparo, for following guidance in what you post.  Val tells me there is more confirmation

ahead for my work for him over the years on the intenet.  .Bless you!

Valana (Patti Spencer)  for Cmdr Val Thor 


Comment by amparo alvarez on January 6, 2020 at 3:14am

Exciting Timelines for 2020! January 5, 2020 via Daniel Scranton

Comment by amparo alvarez on January 5, 2020 at 9:23pm


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