Transformation with Co-Creation by Lord Melchizedek

Transformation with Co Creation by Lord Melchizedek  

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa 

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Greetings, I am Lord Melchizedek, I am the overseer of the Universal Level. It is my purpose to distribute the divine plan and divine will of the Creator into the Universe of the Creator at a Universal Level flowing through the Galactic Level, Solar Level, Planetary Level and into the Earth.

I wish to share with you today an insight and a process that will encourage and advance your transformation, as well as your ascension and mastery. The Creator is distributing the energy of co-creation. This is the synthesis or the unity of energies in order to create and manifest, whether physically or energetically. Co-creation is the synthesis of energies, the unity of energies, it is also synthesising your energy with that of the Creator. When you synthesise your energy with that of the Creator, aligning yourself to the vibrations of the Creator that will support the manifestation that you wish and desire to experience, then you are embodying and expressing co-creation. The Creator wish for you to synthesise energies in order to manifest, to synthesise and align yourself with the energy of the Creator in order to manifest. You are being invited to co-create with others on the Earth, whether you are co-creating with people, animals, nature, elements, elementals or with your guides. There are multiple possibilities of co-creating with others.

The encouragement to co-create will allow you to discover that which you have to give, radiate and emanate, as well as how you can make a difference in your own reality and in the reality of others. It will allow you to experience a deeper connection with the Creator, gaining a greater understanding of how the Creator expresses through you. The energy, encouragement and intention from the Creator supports an awakening of unity especially upon the Earth. A thought process manifests connected to how you can be of service. Being of service and co-creating will anchor the transformations you wish to experience.

Through co-creation and synthesis, you will experience the ascension transformation that you wish.

Forming Your Transformation

I, Lord Melchizedek, ask if you could experience a transformation in your spiritual growth and ascension in this moment, what would that transformation be? How would it appear within your being and your reality?

The understanding may come to you instantly, it may take some time to develop within your being, both are appropriate. When you understand the transformation, you wish to experience and that is available to you, take time to experience or acknowledge the transformation. In doing so you are putting the intention out into the Universe of the Creator and the energy or manifestation of the transformation into motion. It is for you to contemplate, if embodiment of the transformation is your goal, what co-creation would be beneficial in order to support, be of service and allow the transformation to take place, to manifest? The co-creation inspiration will come from within your being, from your inner guidance and inner truth. It may be something that you have wished to do for a while, or it may be something new, guiding you in a completely different direction than you have previously experienced.

Co-Creating with the Qualities of the Creator

You have the option to synthesise two energies of the Creator and embody them. For example, maybe you need harmony and balance, you receive these two energies from the Creator, allow them to synthesise within your being and to radiate from you, sharing this energy with the Earth, Mother Earth, humanity and all beings.

Co-Creating with the Creator

The second option is maybe you wish to co-create with the Creator. You ask within to connect with an aspect of the Creator that is willing to co-create the transformation you desire. You invite this aspect of the Creator to deliver forth the energy, the alignment, the insights that are necessary. Then you ask what do I have to gift to this co-creation? It may be an energy, it may be an action, it may be an intention. During quiet time or meditation allow for the energy of the Creator to flow forth to you and that which you wish to gift to this process to synthesise and merge within your being. Simply hold the intention. The synthesis and co-creation takes place within your being. As you observe you may gain insights of how you can be of service when you are co-creating with the Creator, it is often that the Creator wishes for action. A physical expression of the co-creation so you may be inspired as to the action that is needed.

Co-Creating Transformation with Another

There is a final aspect of the co-creation. Simply asking within, who do I need to co-create with in order to manifest this transformation, not only for myself but for the other?

Allow an insight to come into your awareness. Maybe there is a guide, or an aspect of nature, Mother Earth, or even a physical friend is guided for you to co-create with.

You simply ask within, ‘Who do I need to co-create with in order to manifest this transformation?’

First create a discussion to discover and hold your intention of what you wish to co-create in order to manifest the transformation.

If you are working with someone physical, you may wish to describe the transformation that you wish to manifest and to invite them to hold the same intention. The energy and intention that is coming forth from the Creator is connected to co-creation.

When you are manifesting with another you may find you need to connect your energies heart to heart. Send energy from your heart to the other and invite them to send energy from their heart to you. Experience this for a few moments.  Focus on your intention and allow the transformation to take place.

You may wish to assist the other in achieving a transformation with you for themselves.

I, Lord Melchizedek, encourage you to experiment with the energy and the concept of co-creation in order to reawaken natural energies, Instincts and inner guidance, as well as the ability to co-create that is present within your being and has been eternally present. As more and more people across the world begin to even consider the process of co-creation, the energy of unity, synthesis and supporting each other will begin to transmit across the world influencing many beings.

This is essential at this time because there is a need for souls and beings on the Earth to know that they are not alone. There is a need for souls and beings to understand they are connected to the vibration, the network of light that is the Creator, in fact to all souls and all beings. They are a powerful source and can create action in the world. The process of co-creation allows you to realise that you do have power in your reality, and you can bring into manifestation whatever you wish and desire. Often souls feel helpless on the Earth that they cannot impact their realities and cannot impact the reality of the Earth. This is simply not the case you have the power; you have everything you need to create amazing impacts upon the Earth for yourself and for others. This process of intention also dissolves the energy, the belief, the feeling of separation especially with the Creator. I do encourage you to experience and to experiment and explore with this energy of co-creation coming forth from the Creator.

I, thank you,

I am Lord Melchizedek
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