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Transcendance ~ Moving Beyond Limitation

The time is upon us to choose the evolution of our consciousness individually and collectively. There is currently a convergence of timelines and limitless opportunities for one to transcend duality and move beyond all limitations, this includes moving beyond the 5th dimensional new earth.

Lightworkers have focused so much on the 5th dimension, that they too have limited themselves. Move into thoughts and focus of transcending all duality, limitation and move into your highest/greatest divine potential in alignment with your divine perfection.


Send love, light and intentions for Mother Earth to transcend and evolve into her highest/greatest potential in alignment with her divine perfection.

We have forgotten all that we are, even in new awareness many are still placing limitation in their creations and manifestations.

Move beyond linear thinking into the the cosmic consciousness of love.

We are more powerful then we can imagine within this state of consciousness and awareness. All great masters often spoke of being able to do the things they did and MORE ....

Let go of all preconceived notions, ideas and beliefs .... trust within your soul to move you into your divine perfection without limit.

As you release, transmute your limitation ... you open pathways and plant seeds in others to transcend duality and limitations through all directions of time and space.

Remember all that you are .... and evolve beyond all that you currently believe. For we are the masters, the co-creators and all aspects of life itself.

Return to the highest potential of your divinity, transcending all matrixes of limitation.

So be it.

In Loving Service, for the highest good and betterment of all life/creation.

dmfinn 2012

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