Top 99 Questions About Native Americans

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Natives of America
Natives of America
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  1. Who is an American Indian?
  2. Where did American Indians come from originally?
  3. Why are native peoples referred to as Indians?
  4. Which is correct: American Indian or Native American?
  5. How many American Indians and Alaska Natives are there?
  6. Who are Native American families?
  7. Are the numbers of American Indians declining today?
  8. What are the reason for the rise?
  9. Why does the government refer to indigenous people in Alaska as Alaska Natives instead of as American Indians?
  10. Are Native Hawaiians considered America Indians?
  11. What is a tribe?
  12. How many tribes are there?
  13. OK, there are a lot of different tribes, but aren’t American Indians pretty much the same as a group?
  14. Which is the largest tribe?
  15. Are Indian tribes and Indian Nations the same?
  16. Can any tribe be federally recognized?
  17. When was the last time a tribe won federal recognition?
  18. What powers do the tribes, as nations, hold?
  19. What kind of governments do the tribes run?
  20. What is the Tribal Council?
  21. Are reservations and tribal governments the same?
  22. What is a reservation?
  23. Why is it called a reservation?
  24. Do all American Indians live on reservations?
  25. How much land do Native Americans hold?
  26. What is trust land?
  27. Who owns reservations?
  28. Has the government tried to take away tribal land?
  29. What kind of mineral reserves are on tribal land?
  30. What is Indian Country?
  31. What are the living conditions in Indian Country?
  32. What is tribal sovereignty?
  33. How does sovereignty work?
  34. Is sovereignty largely symbolic today?
  35. What is the government-to-government relationship?
  36. What is sovereign immunity?
  37. Do States have jurisdiction over American Indians or their land?
  38. Do American Indians have to obey the same laws as non-Indians?
  39. Are Indians American citizens?
  40. Can American Indians vote?
  41. Do Native Americans pay state or federal taxes?
  42. What are treaties?
  43. What agreements did the treaties contain?
  44. Why did European settlers enter into treaties with the tribes?
  45. Why did the tribes agree to the treaties?
  46. Were the treaties broken?
  47. What is trust responsibility?
  48. Are treaties still valid?
  49. Do treaties grant Native Americans special rights today?
  50. Are treaties being challenged?
  51. What is the American Indian Movement?
  52. What soes the Bureau of Indians Affairs do?
  53. How does someone qualify for BIA services?
  54. What services does the BIA provide?
  55. What other federal offices work with tribes?
  56. Do American Indians have the right to hold elective office?
  57. Do Native Americans serve in the U.S. Armed Forces?
  58. Who regulates Indian casinos?
  59. What is the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act?
  60. How much money do Indian gaming operators make each year?
  61. Is Indian gaming a major player in the gambling industry?
  62. Do all tribes have casino gambling?
  63. Do the tribes pay taxes on their revenues?
  64. Are individual tribes getting rich from casinos?
  65. Are individual Indians getting rich from casinos?
  66. Why are Indian casinos a popular enterprise among the tribes?
  67. Do all American Indians favor gaming?
  68. What is a tribal school?
  69. How many American Indian students attend public schools off the reservations?
  70. How many American Indians are high school graduates?
  71. How are tribes exercising their status as sovereign nations?
  72. What is a tribal college?
  73. How do graduation rates for American Indians compare with the general population?
  74. What percentage of the American Indian population holds degrees?
  75. Do Native Americans get a free college education?
  76. How are tribal colleges funded?
  77. Do American Indians speak their own language?
  78. How many American Indian languages are still spoken?
  79. Which are the most common languages?
  80. Were there written Indian languages?
  81. American Indian languages continuing to die out?
  82. What is being done to preserve American Indian languages?
  83. Is there an American Indian religion?
  84. How many American Indians identify themselves as Christians?
  85. Are Native Americans free to practice their Native religion?
  86. Where do Native Americans go to worship?
  87. What is a sweat lodge?
  88. What is a vision quest?
  89. How does tobacco figure in American Indian religion?
  90. Did Native Americans learn about tobacco from White Settlers?
  91. What is a peace pipe?
  92. Why is an eagle feather significant to American Indians?
  93. How do American Indians obtain the feathers of a protected bird like the eagle?
  94. What is a medicine bundle?
  95. Why do Native Americans object to the use of Indian symbols, like feathers and face paint, in U.S. sports?
  96. What is a Powwow?
  97. Are non-Natives welcome at powwows?
  98. What are teepees?
  99. How are tribes exercising their status as sovereign nations? Unabridged
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