Time to Rejoice – The Council


Time to Rejoice – The Council

We wish, at this time, to update those who follow our messages in order to somewhat prepare you for the revelations regarding what has been happening and what is very shortly to occur.

It has appeared to many that nothing extraordinary has been transpiring during the period of weeks since the beginning of the year. We tell you now that this is exactly how it was meant to appear, but it is also exactly not the case.

Many, or more accurately most, of the obstacles that were in the path of the changes that you have anticipated have been removed or neutralized. Quite significant change has been put in place in many of your systems. Announcements that you have waited for are more immanent than ever. The shocks that we have warned of are also immanent.

Great effort has been made to keep disruption to a minimum. However, as your entire world will be turned upon its ear, as we have said, some disruption will more than likely occur. Efforts will be made to reveal as much to celebrate as to mourn. Some things will be impossible to ignore, however. If things seem too difficult for you, do not be ashamed to look aside. Our advice is to give the wonderful more of your focus and spend time planning for an exciting future.

Maintain your equanimity. Spend time each day focusing upon peace and love. Do not become involved in anything violent or hurtful for any reason. Comfort those who need comforting.

Your time has come. Rejoice. The will of your Creator will be done.

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  • Something to seriously consider: "Do not become involved in anything violent or hurtful for any reason..."
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