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  • Since the timesplice of 2012 set the singularity and the Earth was able to receive ever increased cosmic impulses, by early 2020, we all entered the lower astral plane. Noting that there are seven sub-planes of the astral and we are now upon the second sub-plane, within the whole....
    It is also critical to mention that we did not "leave" the aetheric "3D" fully, but rather it was absorbed into the astral plane, which is 4D, technically....So everything appears similar to what it was, before the shift, but is actually more energised and fluid, in outcome.....This also effects the astral bodies and minds of humanity and for many, the higher energies are causing them absolute "hell on Earth," as it were....

    Those who worked upon detoxing and meditating themselves and aiding others, are growing spiritually, with less stress, albeit, observing the madness, everywhere and seeking solutions to it, with active positivity...and especially starseeds, who have long felt out of place, in physicality, anway and gave sought spiritual answers, to materialistic problems...

    And so we see many going insane, including those of ill intent, in positions of "authority," such as the dark cabal and black lodge....Certainly, their many minions in politix, finance, media, entertainment, corporations and governance, are exposing their wickedness, with wild abandon, rather like animals in the wild....

    Something that would not have been exposed, before we truly entered the 2012 timesplice, which lead to astral exposure....

    Now as all this continues, those who fast, meditate, purify, serve and possess good natures, will receive the blessings of heavenly support....Such ones are the future humanity...The Novamen....The Solarians....

    Those who hate, sneer, remain unthinking and uncaring, brainwashed, willingly dumbed-down, will not survive the increasing cosmic energies from the sun, galactic core, Aquarian constellation and photon belt.....And will phase out of incarnations.....Never to be reborn on Earth, as the eventual 5D will be too high a vibe, for ones of such a low light quotient.....These ones will have to continue evolution on a future terraformed Mars...Outer Mars...

    So one of the prime charcteristics of lower astral plane humanity, as with other worlds too, such as Draconis, is the angry aggression, alongside the truly noble and kind hearted...The good and peaceful, alongside the sadists and killers...

    As we rise to the astral sub-planes, above the 4th level and onto the 5th, 6th, and 7th sub-planes, of HIGHER astral, in preparation for ascension to the manasic plane, ONLY the good and kind hearted will exist.....The children of God.....

    And so it is and so it shall be.....Amen.....!!
  • Yes, very true....I will also add that under "normal" circumstances, ascended beings may assist humanity to grow, without stifling free will....Exactly what the Great White Lodge in Shamballa does....Using ashrams of human disciples, evolving to mastery, indidually and collectively...

    As for the Blue Lodge on Sirius, there is a very special cosmic and spiritual dispensation that allows intervention in Earth affairs, without breaking spiritual laws, such as freewill......This is unique to Sirius and Solaris evolution, that may not always be allowed for other systems....
    HOWEVER, the Galactic Logos has permitted DIVINE GRACE, specifically opening up the ability for cosmic beings and interdimensionals (ETs/EDs,) to aid Earth people, directly, planetary and personal karma permitting....

    Divine Grace is invoked in response to the decades-long suppression of humanity, by the dark cabal, holding evolution back, as well as technologies of spiritual importance...
    Those using aetheric propulsion systems, for example..

    Moreover, the dark has specifically attempted to halt spiritual development on surface Earth, for decades....Thus Lord Surea has already decreed the invocation of divine grace for humanity....This means that there are less restrictions upon GFL interventions, than would be the case, decades ago....
    And certainly means that although local wars and disputes, may be allowed to happen, a nuclear and global war, would not be permitted to happen...
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