The Vagus Nerve

Greetings!  The Vagus Nerve is a system that is vital to your health and well being.  Currently, we are experiencing heightened solar activity, galactic and planetary alignments and electric/magnetic fluctuations with the earth's atmosphere.  These activities affect your lightbody evolution and act as catalysts for cell growth and spiritual breakthroughs, this can be trying as the magnetic sheath around your body is pulled into new and powerful frequencies which can leave you feeling exhausted, emotional or physically impaired.  

It is important now to nurture your vagus nerve as it will offset the chemicals that are being released into your system by the solar prana and magnetic fluxes.  The "fight or flight" chain of chemicals flooding the system can be altered by  focussed breathing, singing/chanting or meditation, which will relax and allow the vagus nerve system to entrain the higher frequencies you are experiencing.  

The following are some facts you should know about the vagus nerve system and how you may tap into it's potential.  Please follow the links for further information, this is only a small sample of the information available.  

Vagus Nerve Center

Vagus Nerve Center

Average person
The Vagus nerve center has fourteen petals.
Ray VI
Ray II

This center can be said to be the most advanced of the minor centers, not so much in its vibratory status (for in this case the Alta Major center in the head is greater, nor yet in its highest development, for here the Spleen center is greater), but in the sense of its purpose, action and usefulness.

The Vagus nerve center reigns supreme for those who are entering the path of the Spirit, those people who have determined that they want to develop along the lines that evolution has laid down or predetermined. For the aspiring disciple, one still lacking in complete soul control and monadic direction, this center begins to have a major infuence on life.39
It is a call, finally, to group service (heart).
This center is not found in the etheric spine, like the major centers, but is further inside the etheric body, near the thymus
The healer can locate it between the shoulder blades, with its precipitation just above the heart and thymus gland, and on the vagus nerve, the tenth cranial nerve.

The physical nerve travels down from the brain to the heart and lungs, then to the digestive organs.
The vagus nerve, having its origin in the medulla oblongata, is also connected with the Alta major center. It is largely autonomic in its function.

For the disciple not under direct monadic control, it is the major pathway for information filtering down through the head centers. The spine takes up this function after the third initiation.

It seems plausible that the Alta major center uses the vagus nerve to regulate immune response, since the latter is connected with the Heart center and is subservient to it (being related to its pranic function).

Like the spleen, the Vagus nerve center is currently the main center for the reception of prana, and forms a radiant etheric triangle (see, the Pranic Triangle), which is the originating impulse for pranic circulation in the body.41
There is an important triangle connected with this center, called the Kundalini Triangle;the energy points are the Crown center, the Heart center and the Base center.42

There are three interconnecting regulators which control or fail to control the physical body:

  1. The etheric body through the seven major centers and the minor centers.
  2. The endocrine system through the seven major glands.
  3. The nervous system, and particularly the vagus nerve with its effect on the heart and the blood stream.

The Vagus Nerve center affects the heart. A second major center with which the vagus has powerful links is the Base center, for when the Soul begins its upward journey, a journey of purification and focused vision, the will is always involved. The will of the Soul and the will of the personality are brought into increasing contact. Sometimes there is a clash, sometimes a cause for joy. The will of the Soul works through the Crown center, and the will of the personality manifests through the Base center. Thus, when the Crown center, the Heart center and the Base center have come into a preliminary alignment, the Vagus nerve center begins to radiate and become dynamic.

The Vagus Nerve center, thus stimulated, causes the astral body and the nervous system to respond to the incoming energies - the so-called “call of the Soul” to initiate the preliminary activities of spiritual growth.
This triangle of centers - Head, Heart and Base - with their effect on the Vagus Nerve center must be balanced during this green period. You might recall (the Kundalini Uprisings triangle) that the Spleen center is involved in the rising of kundalini fire in so far as the pranic fire (from the Spleen) and the fire of matter (from the Base center) rise together from the Base center to meet the fire of the Mind in the Crown center 98.

Nurture and correct growth depend on balanced attitudes and wide vision along with a goal-oriented aim. The Kundalini triangle is an important one to balance when it is clear that such an occurrence has started, or if it is evident that such an experience is on the verge of occurring.

The vagus is one of the larger more important nerves in the human body. One key role that it plays is as the “reset” button to counteract when our alarm system has been set off resulting in the infamous fight, flight or freeze response as some type of threat has been perceived. The vagus nerve basically tells the body and brain: “It is safe now. The threat is gone. All bodily functions can return to normal now.”
The mechanisms probably worked great in the Neanderthal days when a saber tooth tiger might be looming on the horizon or outside the cave. What we may have now with an epidemic of high anxiety is a malfunctioning, overly-sensitive alarm system just like the car down the block that seems to blare at the slightest vibration.
Threats now setting off our alarm systems include possible job performance issues, paying bills, fears of romantic rejection, or even fears that people might see through our outer persona. Meanwhile, our calming system, the vagus nerve, may be underactive, almost having forgotten how to function. What can result is a worst case scenario where the alarm system (anxiety) is always on. The scary part is that we can get used to that while it wreaks havoc upon our bodies.
There is hope, however, in our good friend the vagus nerve. While we have to work on our alarm system not always going off, we can also work on stimulating our vagus nerve so that our body can remember how its calming system is supposed to work.
The most effective, natural method for stimulating the vagus nerve is deep, belly breath breathing that you typically associate with yoga and meditation. And think about it, air is the very first thing we need for survival, before water and food. Additionally, in yoga class you are turning your alarm systems off, often closing your eyes, trusting your instructor and letting yourself be vulnerable. Your valiant instructor will handle any saber tooth tiger that attempts to enter this safe, nurturing domain while you stimulate this precious nerve.
So when you are in yoga class or otherwise practicing these wise and slow breathing methods, you are working to re-balance what for many in our modern culture is an out-of-whack system. For those suffering from high anxiety, a conscious effort to implement this re-balancing act is imperative.
Research on the vagus nerve continues. It will likely hold key information on the mind-body connection. The nerve is bi-directional, meaning it sends messages from the brain to the body and vice versa. However, 80% of its capacity is directed towards channeling information from the body to the brain. It’s how the body talks to the brain.
Also note that the vagus nerve is the “vagabond” nerve that wanders around and surrounds our heart and core area. It is heart-centered and noted as the nerve of intuition and the nerve of compassion. When we feel safe, without threat or anxiety, these abilities and inclinations are free to expand. Not such a bad thing. Viva...or uh, long live the vagus nerve!
The vagus nerve originates in the medulla oblongata, a part of the brainstem, and is dorsal to the RAS. The "vagus" (Latin for "wandering") is the tenth cranial nerve (CN X). This remarkable, “wandering” vagus nerve has a more extensive course of distribution than any of the eleven other cranial nerves. The vagus nerve is the main nerve of the ANS. The two branches of the ANS are the parasympathetic, which acts like a brake, and the sympathetic, which acts like an accelerator. Efferent impulses start in the central nervous system and pass peripherally along spinal or cranial nerves. Afferent impulses start out peripherally and pass into the central nervous system. There are two general modalities of the peripheral nervous system, the motor (efferent) and the sensory (afferent). The vagus nerve is composed of both motor and sensory fibers, which communicate sensory and motor information bidirectionally between the brain and body. There is emerging experimental evidence that demonstrates that immune and inflammatory responses are modulated by communications along the vagus nerve. In normal anatomy, there is one vagus nerve on each side of the body.  
Dedication to the Path of Consciousness means that the activated alta major chakra will become the distribution center of life-force energy. This life-force energy moves down and up the antahkarana, the energetic spinal column, radiating magnetically to open the chakra centers. As stated earlier, the RAS is the network hub of the physical nervous system, sending and receiving signals, creating connections using the endogenous hormones, neurotransmitters and neuropeptides that move throughout the body. The vagus nerve carries the signals that coordinate these collective movements and activations, creating a homeodynamically balanced nervous system within the body. In 1957 Magoun and Moruzzi discovered that the reticular formation was the area of the body that aroused the cortex of the brain. This thesis proposes that this RAS-Vagus Nerve-Alta Major Chakra connection is an axis which acts as a communication nexus between the physical systems and Consciousness, and which, when activated Consciously and consciously, can arouse a profound Spiritual connection. It is our individual choice to make.
Our power is in the here and now, and the journey begins in our physical bodies. Whether or not we choose to acknowledge our psychic potential as presented by Master D.K., each of us may recall times when we have both listened and not listened to our gut instincts. These “psychic” abilities may be no different than our innate ability to receive and respond to these gut instincts. The time has come to reconnect with our true nature, which is both physical and Spiritual. The RAS-Vagus Nerve-Alta Major Chakra Axis speaks to the anatomy of the Spirit in the self.


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  • Heehee, right, eh? Sending giggles, Feather :-) 

  • I´m  loving  my vagus nerve...

  • Stimulating the Vagus nerve also increases compassion....sooo,,simply by stimulating this nerve to improve our health, or singing in the shower, or watching a comedy with friends we increase our compassion.....that´s a thought that really makes me laugh....Oh, the world is a wonderous and mysterious place..!!!

  • Sweet!  Thank you, Feather :-)  I have seen the vids on youtube before, but forgot about laughing yoga- makes so much sense... even if you aren't feeling the giggles, the act of laughing adjusts your breathing- must be a response to stimulus in our ancient brain- I know that laughter and fear are entwined- notice how people laugh when they are afraid or nervous?  Must be a response to the vagus nerve, sooo interesting :-) 

  • Laughing also activates the vagus nerve...might explain why Laughter Yoga cures so many ills.  Laughter yoga basically is laughing for no reason about 15 min or more every day. One woman said she cured her cancer like this.

    there are a lot of youtube vids on Laughter yoga..


  • Yes... that is a good word, "integrate" the energies :-)  Thank you, Tally :-) 

  • Yes, exactly, Kelly... singing/chanting with heartfelt emotion seems to really get the energies activated and flowing freely. I like to make my own words mostly now and experiment with the voice until something 'clicks'...and work with that for a bit. : ) I also find that following up the singing with some deep breathing seems to help stabilize and integrate the activated energies.

    Certain songs, melodies, and rhythms can be very powerful in triggering transformations within us... everyone has their particular 'activators.. : )
  • Thank you so much, Tally :-)  I do the deep breathing sometimes, I really like the 7-7-7 breathing technique... but I found I get the most out of singing, especially singing something that has emotional meaning- it changes your breathing and awakens your heart so that your mind and heart become "one" :-)  Do you know what I mean?  Lol, everytime I sing "Africa" by Toto, I feel sort of sad (I always connect it with hunting/abuse of african beasts)  and exhilarated at the same time, it does something to connect me to the earth and my higher self. 

  • Interesting information and diagrams... thanks for sharing. I especially liked the practical deep breathing excercise... which seems to be beneficial for enhancing almost any spiritual and physical advancement. It seems easy to get lost in all the linguistics sometimes...without practical applications. : )

    Bounteous Blessings...
  • Thank you for reading, Sky - nice to see you :-)  

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